Your way of shaking your fist says a lot about your personality

It’s a fact: many physical details reveal your personality such as the shape of the eyebrows, fingers, lips or even the lines of the hand … But did you know that your way of shaking your fist could also say a lot about you?

way of shaking

Body language specialists are formal: nonverbal communication is part of psychology and can reveal many aspects of your personality.

What your fist can say about your personality

You tend to help people even though it may affect your comfort zone. You are constantly looking for knowledge and new experiences. You are a person full of energy and sometimes impatient. Paradoxically, despite your courage and your sense of adventure, you still need security and help without realizing it.  You are frank with people who abuse your kindness, because recognition and consent are crucial to you.

Your kindness plays tricks on you and you have trouble giving up some people permanently. You still continue to protect and take care of them, but with more suspicion than before.

In  love , you have difficulty expressing your feelings. Your partner will feel rejected and may even leave you for it.

You are a sociable person and you attract different types of people around you. Your friends appreciate your sincerity and your sense of humor. You have confidence in yourself and a strong sense of self-respect. Your charm and charisma attract attention without realizing it. You would be a good leader at work. However, your fear of failure prevents you from making important decisions because you are afraid of hurting your self-esteem.  You constantly need encouragement and hear compliments. It is important to stay confident because you will inevitably be surrounded by people who will be jealous and will envy your success.

On the heart side, you ask yourself too many questions. You have trouble forgetting the past, which prevents you from moving forward. Indeed, your fear of being disappointed (e) can make you miss out on beautiful  relationships .

You are quick-witted and you know how to play with words. Basically, you are a very shy person, which prevents you from being yourself. Therefore, you give the impression of being calm and taciturn. You are meticulous, precise and push your limits, sometimes a little too much, which can make you panic.  You are cunning and you do not like someone to disturb your comfort zone. People feel good around you. In addition, you are sensitive to art and culture, it is a way to escape.

In relation, you do not open easily because of your sensitivity. The fear of being hurt can make you miss  important relationships , which can also be life lessons. Do not hesitate to take the first step!


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