You will not go to bed without putting a lemon in your socks

For all those who suffer from dry feet, especially at the heels, we offer a recipe that will moisturize and deeply clean all the dry skin accumulated on the back of your feet. Explications!

lemon in your socks

You must know that there are several areas of your body where the skin is extremely fragile. To this end, your heels of feet are a very good example: by putting them to the test, and like any other organ of your body, they will seek to protect themselves. How? By producing  keratin , and thus the stratum corneum becomes thicker. These cracks that form at the back of your feet may, at times, cause you pain.

The  heels , are a favorable place for the appearance of these cracks, also called cracks. To protect the back of your feet, it is necessary to start by having a good hydration, and to envisage a regular exfoliation which will help you to get rid of all this dry layer, due to external aggressions.


1 / Method based on lemon

This first method that we will detail for you is very simple, so you should;

– Take a lemon, then cut it in half and extract the juice;

– Keep the lemon juice pressed aside for later use (you will not need it for this tip);

– Take the two halves  lemon  and place them on your heels.

– Put socks on to keep the lemon in the back of your feet all night long.

Reproduce the operation regularly every night before sleeping for quickly visible results. You can use the same lemon several nights in a row until it dries up completely.

2 / Method based on lemon peel

For this second preparation, you will need:

– The skin of a lemon;

– Extra virgin olive oil (preferably organic).

In a bowl, put your lemon peel and cover with olive oil.

Preserve this lotion for two weeks, in a dark place, before use. Apply regularly on your heels in the evening before going to bed.

Benefits of lemon on the skin

Thanks to its high content of Vitamin C,  lemon  is an antioxidant, a purifier and an antibacterial par excellence. It promotes skin repair by tightening the pores. According to a  study  published by the medical journal  Nutrition and Cancer , the use of  skin  lemon have a protective effect against skin cancer. In addition, lemon contains an acid called  alpha hydroxy  that helps eliminate dead skin cells.

As for olive oil, it has hydrating properties . It will tone and nourish your skin deeply.

Prevent cracks

To protect your feet against the cracks to which they can be exposed and to limit the shock, several tricks are available to you:

– Go for flat and comfortable shoes, especially if you have a day of intensive walking;

– Soak your feet once a week in a basin filled with warm water and a handful of sea salt to soften the skin. Then use a pumice stone to perform a delicate scrub.

– Maintain regular and daily hydration of the feet with sweet almond oil, organic.

For people with certain diseases such as diabetes or who have difficulty getting rid of their cracks, they must consult a podiatrist.


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