You only need one lemon to clean your microwave

For most people, cleaning the microwave is a difficult task that requires effort, in addition to using cleaning chemicals that can pose a risk to human health. And because stains and food scraps remain behind the closed door of the microwave, we tend to forget them, and over time they harden and become harder to remove. Fortunately, in this article, we have for you a method that allows you to clean your microwave naturally, efficiently and without using chemicals, thanks to a single lemon!

lemon to clean your microwave

Lemon is considered an effective cleaning agent, thanks to the citric acid it contains, which gives it the role of an  antibacterial and antiseptic . In addition, its aroma is very pleasant and can be used to subtly perfume the interior of the house.

Cleaning the microwave with a lemon

This a natural and very effective tip besides being incredibly simple. Here’s what you will need:

– Small bowl that can enter the oven

– 1 lemon

– Cleaning cloth

Instructions :

Start by pouring half a cup of water into the small bowl. Then cut your lemon in half, squeeze its juice into the bowl and put the two halves in it too.

Subsequently, put the bowl in the microwave and set the timer for 3 minutes or until the water boils. After boiling, leave the bowl in the oven for another 5 minutes to allow the lemon acidity and   water vapor to diffuse and dissolve stains that are difficult to clean.

After 5 minutes, remove the bowl from the microwave and place it in the vicinity. At this point, the lemon has done most of the work, just wipe.

Take the cloth and start wiping the inside of the oven, starting with the turntable that you can remove for separate cleaning. Then wipe down the ceiling, the sides and the bottom, ending with the door. If you notice some   stubborn stains , dip your rag into the lemon water, then scrub them until they disappear and you’re done!

You will have, a clean microwave oven that emits a beautiful smell of lemon.

There are also other methods you can use if you do not have lemon at home.

Vinegar cleaning

Here’s what you need:

– White vinegar

– Water

– Small bowl

– Wooden spoon

– Cleaning cloth

Instructions :

Pour a cup of   white vinegar into a bowl filled with water. Put it in the microwave, then place a wooden spoon in the liquid. This step ensures that your vinegar and water mixture does not overheat and explode. This may not be necessary, but it is a precaution to take.

Set the timer on your oven for 5 minutes and turn it on. When the time is up, carefully remove the oven cup with a kitchen glove.

Then take the damp cloth and clean the inside of your microwave oven. Steam from water and vinegar will dissipate the stains, allowing you to clean the surfaces without having to scrub.

Cleaning with essential oils

For those who do not like using vinegar, we have another method of microwave cleaning. It consists of using water and essential oils. It’s as simple as the first method.

Here’s what you need:

– Water

– Spray

– Sponge

– Lemon essential oil

Instructions :

Start by wetting the sponge. Make sure it is well soaked. Then place it inside the microwave.

Then fill the spray bottle with a little water and about 3 to 5 drops of lemon essential oil. If you want a stronger lemon scent, use a few more drops.

Spray the inside of your microwave oven with the mixture of water and lemon essential oil. Be sure to spray everywhere, including the top, bottom and sides of your microwave oven.

Then set the oven timer to 2 minutes, then turn it on. After the time has elapsed, leave the sponge inside, keeping the door closed for a few minutes, until the sponge is cool enough to handle. Then take this sponge and use it to clean the inside.

To shine the outside of the oven

If you want to make extra effort and shine your microwave outside, soak a cleaning cloth with rubbing alcohol. Use it to wipe the outside of your microwave until it becomes clean.

source : santeplusmag

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