What each zodiac sign prefers to the bed

Your sex life is a guarantee of well-being. The more fulfilled it is, the more likely you are to feel good in your emotional life. But did you know that your zodiac sign has an impact on how you enjoy? Here is an astrological overview of the signs and their sex life.

Your astrological sign and the way you conceive your antics are related. The moon and the alignment of the planets have a certain impact on your wildest fantasies and desires. If you read the following lines, you will know how your zodiac sign conditions your sexual and emotional life.


If you are an Aries, you do not really like your antics hanging out. Adept of softness and tenderness, you prefer a fast but effective act. For you time is not synonymous with passion and intensity and you know how to prove it once in bed.


Unlike Aries, you prefer to go slowly but surely. For you, pleasure is something very serious and you take all your time to bring your partner to pleasure. You do not skimp on foreplay, that’s why your reputation is to be a beast of sex !


For you Gemini, the important thing in bed is to have a good time and have fun. Your excitement sometimes arises unpredictably and hastily. Nothing can stimulate your excitement even in inappropriate moments.

One tip: listen to your desires as they are a very important part of your sexual identity.


As for your antics, you give pride to romanticism. Caresses, kisses are very important for you so do not skip even if your partner is in a hurry.


With you, sex is theatrical and very intense. It may sound funny but not always very practical. But as soon as you have the opportunity, put yourself in the scene and shine in the eyes of your partner. It’s your way of having fun.


Your sign is known for its sense of work and productivity. So, you love making love in an office or in a kitchen. You relax during your antics so enjoy this precious moment and do not drop anything on the desk!


You seek harmony on all levels of your life. That’s why for you, successful antics must combine romance and  pleasure. The feelings must be shared between the partners. You are an eternal romantic. This is your vision of sex life and it will remain the same.


If you are Scorpio, you love to tease your partner in bed. You are looking above all to create complicity and play during your hugs and that is what makes desire grow in you. You will feel very comfortable in role plays or during preliminaries that are off the beaten path.


You are the sign of sexual liberation. Very fulfilled in this area, you do not strangle and nothing is unknown to you. A fulfilling sex life for you is about trying new things and constantly reinventing yourself. This is what keeps the flame of desire so let yourself go.


You are a real marathoner of sex. Your craziest desire is to live a furious night or there will be no break. You are very athletic and your partner has an interest in being as much as you. Very enthusiastic about having fun, you can encourage your partner to make love in unusual places.


You have a wild and unlimited imagination and you will be wrong not to enjoy it. For a fulfilling sex life, you need a partner who lets you express yourself about your fantasies and realize them. You are happy to bring fantasy into your bed, so do not be shy and share your wildest desires.


Like fish, you like aquatic places. Jacuzzis, pools or even the sea, water is a real place of desire for you. Feel free to realize this fantasy and to blossom as much as you can.

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