This teenager dies after dropping her mobile phone in her bath

Often unconscious and confess, extremely stubborn, children pay little attention to warnings about the dangers of electronic gadgets they have taped by hand. Persuaded to be responsible enough to make their own decisions, many of them are doing nothing but their own, the greatest lady of their parents. In a story relayed by our colleagues from the Independent, this teenager will unfortunately lose her life because of her mobile phone.

The dangers of mobile phones are not new, although they do not seem to have incorporated the minds of young people. Indeed, the warnings and warnings multiply without leading to a real impact in the use of these devices. At the limit of obsession, it has become almost impossible for a teenager to live without his phone. Unfortunately, this  addiction  is not without danger, since on a daily basis, it leads to stories that break our heart, similar to that of the little Yulia Vysotskaya.

Victim of technology

It is in Russia that this girl, barely 14 years old, will be found dead electrocuted in her bath. According to local media reports, the teenager allegedly charged the device while she listened to music in her bathtub and the bathtub slipped from her hands, causing an electric shock that was fatal.

To the desperation of his parents, paramedics will be unable to save their little girl who would have lost consciousness immediately after the shock. Far from being the only victim of this type of fatal accident, Yulia is proof that the addiction to smartphones is not only manifest at the psychological level, but that it can also affect the lives of children who are hooked on it. and day.

Indeed, the use of mobile phones has become such that to separate from it even if the time of a bath has become an impossible mission for children. Real danger when they are not aware of the risks, these devices do not fail to expand the list of their victims.

Danger and addiction in children

Children or adolescents, the excessive use of mobile phones is a brake on their personal development and a risk to their health. In the era of technological advances and smartphones, they are literally glued to these small devices that they can take everywhere and allow them to perform simultaneously dozens of different tasks. At the root of a real addiction in children and adolescents, they are embedded in the simplest moments of everyday life, namely at the time of meals, during class, before sleep and unfortunately, even in the bathrooms.

In view of their appeal, these devices have now become indispensable elements in the lives of young people. They allow them to stay connected to their friends, surf the  social media , publish their own content, and stay informed about what’s happening in their social circle in a timely manner. Yet, although they seem to promote a strong social bond, smartphones would be responsible for the very opposite, namely the isolation of children.

Jean Twenge , professor of psychology at the University of San Diego thinks these would be

“At the edge of the mental health crisis”.

Indeed, the refusal to detach from their  smartphones  would reflect an unhealthy attachment to these devices. In addition, the many victims show us that the danger is not limited to any border, as relay our colleagues of  France Soir . In France, a teenager would also have died after her phone fell into the bathtub, a story similar to that of little Yulya who left too early …

May they rest in peace and remain forever in our hearts …


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