This pregnant mother is attacked and insulted because of her “big belly”

Most pregnant women will agree that once their belly starts to see each other, parents, friends, co-workers and even the vegetable merchant become experts in pregnancy. This new interest can make you feel very special or very embarrassed. You may feel even more uncomfortable when people begin to criticize the size of your belly and intimidate you. This is the story of Elisha Bakes, a young mother who has been intimidated and insulted by the size of her belly during pregnancy. This story was relayed by our colleagues from THE SUN.

Elisha Bakes, 30, from Melbourne revealed how she was bullied on Instagram  because of the size of her belly. “It’s rude” or “do you expect a horse? Were among the long list of outrageous remarks sent by strangers.

pregnant mother

Elisha gave birth to her second son, Kaelen, weighing 3.6 kg last month.

But she said that negative comments about her belly began to 14 th  week of pregnancy.

She shared a photo with her 32,700 Instagram followers to announce her pregnancy. Dozens of people told her that she must have made a mistake because she looked “pregnant for several months”.

Elisha, who already has a son, 21-month-old Kyson with her partner Tane, says people have continued to criticize her belly, suggesting that she was eating too much and that she was on an unhealthy diet .

As her pregnancy progressed, the comments got worse.

Elisha said: “I discovered I was pregnant after the 6 th  week of pregnancy. I had just stopped breastfeeding my son. People said hurtful things such as, “Why is your belly so huge? “I’d better not be like that,” and “it’s the biggest belly I’ve ever seen.”

pregnant mother

Elisha often reacted to negative comments, explaining that she tended to drink a lot of water and was only 160 cm tall, and that it was normal for her belly to look bigger compared to her small size.

The negativity that surrounded her pregnancy had become a constant concern for Elisha and urged her to reach out to other women who had endured the same problems.

Is the size of the stomach during pregnancy really important?

When you are pregnant, people often “need to” give their opinion about the size of your belly. They will tell you based on their experience, but the truth is that belly size matters little during pregnancy. As long as you are not overweight or obese during pregnancy, this is not a problem. Your belly should not worry you, because even a doctor can not tell the duration of your pregnancy until the test has been done.

Can your belly size accurately indicate the stage of your pregnancy?

The answer is no. Whether your belly is small or fat, you can not exactly determine the stage of your pregnancy. All women have a different body. If you have a small belly and your doctor tells you that everything is fine, you do not have to worry about it.

The size and shape of a pregnant woman’s belly depends on many factors (even at identical stages of pregnancy), including:

  • Size and weight
  • If it is your first baby or a subsequent baby.
  • The positioning of the baby
  • The size of the baby …

As you watch yourself change and look more closely at other pregnant women, try to remember that each woman’s body is unique  in the way she changes and reacts to her pregnancy.


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