This famous doctor presents 5 tips to lose weight easily without diet

In women, the thighs are one of the parts most affected by the accumulation of fat. In addition to common causes of overweight, such as sedentary lifestyle or poor diet, this problem may be due to several factors related to genes or hormones. If you suffer from rebellious fat inside your thighs, you should definitely read the tips below.

If you do not have what Fitness enthusiasts call a Thigh Gap, and you have rather round thighs, you probably know all the problems that bulky thighs can cause (friction , skin irritation…). Here are 5 tips from the American Doctor Mehmet Oz that will allow you to have firm and harmonious legs.

1- Adopt a healthy and balanced diet:

Eh yes ! You would have liked to lose weight without depriving yourself of your chips and sweets, but it is unfortunately not possible. The rule is simple: to lose weight from any part of your body, you must change your diet.

Choose a healthy and balanced diet, rich in nutrients, and vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of your body. The  vegetables  and fruits are your best allies when you want to lose weight, unlike sweets and processed foods that make you fat without bringing any benefits to your organization.

Warning ! Diet does not necessarily rhyme with famine and deprivation. You can always continue to treat yourself by eating your favorite dishes, but not excessively!

2- Moderate your salt intake:

Many people engage in overly restrictive diets, and spend hours and hours in the gym without losing a single gram. You’d like to know why ? Well these people consume too much salt!

In addition to causing several kidney and liver diseases, excessive salt intake is one of the main causes of water retention. This disease can swell your body, and make your life difficult.

So remember to reduce your salt intake  , and replace it with condiments or aromatic herbs such as garlic, rosemary, parsley …

Warning ! Abrupt stopping of salt can cause several dysfunctions such as cardiovascular problems. Only your doctor will know how much salt you can consume depending on your health condition.

3- Eat six small meals a day:

Instead of eating 3 meals a day, try splitting your diet on 6 meals. This method is increasingly used by Dieticians and Fitness stars.

Indeed, taking 6 small meals a day will have several beneficial effects on your health, and will help you lose weight more easily and more sustainably. Among the advantages of this method, we find: a decrease of snacking cravings, improvement of metabolism and digestive system, sensation of lightness …

But beware ! Eating 6 meals a day does not mean that they all have to be full and full of calories. Make sure your meals are light and nutrient-rich if you want to lose weight with this method.

4-  Avoid milk, and dairy products:

If you still think that dairy products are good for humans, think again! The cow’s milk you buy contains substances that can be very harmful to your health, and can make you fat in view of all the fat it contains. You can replace it with plant milks such as  almond milk or coconut milk, the latter are less fat, and much more beneficial to health. But consume them in moderation.

5-  Play sports:

Last but not least: move and exercise regularly. Only in this way will you be able to get firm, toned thighs. You can walk, run, bike, bodybuilding … In short, a wide range of choices available to those who want to appear with legs of dreams this summer!

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