This caregiver who abused a 92-year-old lady is very happy with the judge’s sentence

Abuse can happen to anyone, regardless of age, gender, race, religion or ethnic or cultural background. For the elderly, abuse is experienced most often in retirement homes and long-term care facilities. In this article we expose the case of an old lady abused by caregivers, but the sentence of the judge for the latter is surprising, as reported by our colleagues at Metro .

About one in six older people is abused in their environment, according to the World Health Organization ( WHO ). Abuse that can occur both at home and in a health center and take different forms. Indeed, there are several types of abuse:

§ Physical abuse occurs when someone causes bodily harm by hitting, pushing or slapping.

§ Psychological abuse can include the fact that the caretaker speaks hurtful words, screams, threatens or ignores them repeatedly. Preventing this person from seeing   close friends and family is another form of emotional abuse.

§ Negligence occurs when the caregiver does not attempt to meet the needs of the older person.

§ To give up is to leave a single person alone without planning their care.

§ Sexual abuse means that the person in charge forces an older person to watch or participate in sexual acts.

Who is abused?

The people likely to be targeted are women, children, elderly people who have no family or friends nearby, as well as people with a disability, memory problems or  dementia . Abuse can affect any older person but it often affects people who depend on others for activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing and taking medication. Fragile people may seem like easy victims.

Thus, the perpetrators of this abuse take advantage of the fragility of the other, as shown by this aggression, by caregivers, on an elderly and sick woman.

Abuse and justice: when the victim becomes guilty

An article in the  Daily Mail  relayed a rather shocking video: it shows disturbing images where employees assault an elderly woman, named Jean Robins. They push it, support it with force and pull it in all directions. The event occurred in a retirement home for the elderly in Perth, Australia.

Mrs. Robins’ son Ed had installed a camera in his mother’s room after noticing bruises and blisters on his body.

The woman’s 92-year-old dementia also got worse and she broke her leg when the incident was filmed in a hidden camera in 2016.

He stated that his mother had been left on the ground several times while she was asking for help for more than 20 minutes.

One minute of Ed Robins ‘video footage repeatedly shows Ms. Robins’ attempts to defend herself against the caregivers, who make fun of her.

Video: to extract from the article

The video also shows that the caregivers throw the elderly woman’s legs on the bed and force her to bend down her shoulders and head.

Ed Robins said that his mother was suffering and that she was raising her hands in the air to protect herself. He also added that she was psychologically abused.

This caregiver who abused a 92-year-old lady

Mr. Robins showed the footage to the management of Morrison Lodge, the retirement home where the violence on his mother took place. The institution in question then reported it to the Perth Police.

Two of the caregivers were charged with 12 counts of assault, but Magistrate Gregory Smith acquitted them of all charges. He compared the behavior of the elderly woman to that of a   difficult child . He told the Court that if the child usually complies with the rules, then it must be punished with a little strength but not much. On the other hand, according to him, if the child resists, it is necessary to use more force to master it.

A particularly dubious and appalling judgment, which shocked many people because it insinuates that the victim would be guilty and deserved what happened to him. 


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