The pen you choose will reveal beautiful secrets about your personality

When we make a choice, whether in the purchase of a product, in terms of romantic relationships or concerning our professional career, we leave behind various things about our personality. Indeed, in addition to social contexts and external factors, our personality predicts some of our choices and conversely according to the Encyclopedia Universalis (EU) .

If we are shy, we will tend to avoid making certain choices and on the contrary, if we are extroverted and impulsive, we will do them without asking ourselves questions. Between personality, intuition, behavior and decision, there is a real link. And since we are endowed with  major personality traits  that remain relatively stable over time, it is possible to reveal them through simple choices, such as that of a feather.

This type of personality test is of particular interest to people who want to improve and evolve. Indeed, it allows to know more about oneself but also to know some of the causes of our reactions. In this sense, and to help you develop personally, choose a pen and find out what it reveals about you:

1. The red feather

Far from being the type of person who  argues  loudly and loudly about what he thinks, you are a pacifist and calm person. Your social relationships are pretty good and people like to be with you, especially given your generosity and imagination. However, your too calm nature associated with your generosity often prevents you from saying “no”. Learn to listen more and not to be influenced by others. Do not be afraid to hurt others and use nonviolent communication to express your needs and desires, rather than feeling frustrated and having to do something. 

2. The ocher feather

You exemplify your intelligence and ability to adapt to any conditions and situations. Adept at new knowledge, you can spend long periods alone to learn better. You organize your ideas in a clear and consistent way when you are in your bubble. However, it affects your friendships. Try to be more open to the outside and remember to hold back your know-it-all side when talking to others. Instead, accept what others have to teach you.

3. The pink and fuchsia feather

Having a strong character and limitless imagination, you constantly feel the need to create and try new things. Generally, you achieve the goals you set for yourself and show innate leadership. However, be careful to surround yourself in the professional and friendly field because you tend to be too  nice  and others benefit from this aspect of your personality. Preserve your well-being and do not give your trust too quickly, at the risk of being disappointed.

4. The yellow-green-turquoise feather

You are someone who is particularly focused on principles and values. Being a person of your word, you expect the same level of loyalty from others. So you surround yourself with righteous people and whom you can trust. Even if at first, you may seem cold and distant, you are an artichoke heart that just wants to love. Your biggest fault? Your perfectionism. Remember that nothing is ever perfect and make sure you do not set unrealistic goals. Likewise, learn to let go of the ballast and be less demanding towards others and towards you. 

5. The fuchsia feather

Cheerful and enthusiastic by nature, you sparkle and are very good company. You love all kinds of art and advocate for self-expression through different media. However, you lack a lot of self –  confidence  and often question your skills. Instead of underestimating yourself and being in guilt, learn to self-compliment and use positive thinking. This will prevent you from sabotaging yourself and allow you to realize your dreams.


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