The “month without complaint” has just begun

Among the hundreds of challenges that abound on the networks, it will not fail to make a small impact on your daily life! From April 1, finished grinding black and lamenting the futilities of everyday life. It’s time to say goodbye to negativity and see life in pink. Relayed by Elle Belgique, this challenge of the month will make you forget the gloom of bad days and breathe new life into your life!

The more value you give to negative thoughts, the more likely they are to take root in your brain. Result of the races: you create an environment conducive to the development of black ideas and your morale takes a hit. To this end, a group of Belgians take the initiative to launch the “month without complaint” to give a boost to all those people who are engulfed by their worries of everyday life.

One month without complaining: what do the experts think?

In the Games People Play book   published in 1964, psychiatrist Eric Berne identifies complaining as one of many social mechanisms of interaction between individuals. Used by everyone for different purposes, it would be synonymous with many communication strategies. In some cases, this would be a way  of drawing attention to oneself  as evidenced by people addicted to the phrase “yes, but”. According to this expert, they would be much more focused on the action of complaining than on the help or solutions they could potentially receive. Therefore, their complaints would be useless and bring  negativity  to their lives.

According to psychotherapist Tina Gilbertson  some complaints would be psychologically positive when they are written or formulated in the right way. As she explains in  Forbes , recognizing the negative feelings we feel is sometimes a necessary step before feeling better. Thus, it would be a way to free our consciousness to let the good waves take place.

However, it is very important to qualify between complaints made at any time and complaints that are expressed for a specific purpose. Indeed, they become useless when they are redundant and can  affect your social relations.

What is the “month without complaint” challenge?

Lancé par un groupe de belges, le « mois sans se plaindre » consiste à adopter une attitude positive en laissant de côté les idées sombres qui pèsent lourd sur le moral. Initialement lancé en janvier 2018 sous le nom du défi « 30 jours sans se plaindre », le franc succès qu’il récolte inspire ses fondateurs à perpétuer cette tradition en 2019. Le but de ce challenge ? Il s’agirait d’aborder la vie de manière optimiste afin d’éviter de tomber dans des cercles vicieux où cet acte devient compulsif.

Therefore, from April 1st to May 1st, the group known as  Kies Positief  advises to see things under a new eye and to take on oneself to develop an aura of serenity and well-being. Far from advocating the denial of negative feelings, this challenge encourages rather to encourage constructive exchanges in order to find solutions to what bothers us while teaching us to relativize. 

Why do we have to go?

For each challenge, the feeling of success is significant. Beyond the pride you will feel after these 30 days, you can also feel the difference made by this challenge on the psychological level. By putting a stop to unnecessary complaints that only hinder your personal development, you will allow the good waves to regain the upper hand and your life to return to a more peaceful course.

Obviously, stopping complaining overnight is not an easy task, but  Kies Positief  has planned everything. With a  posimeter  in the form of affirmations that must be answered with “often, sometimes or rarely”, you will be able to calculate your positivity score as the challenge progresses over time. Also, the web page contains a tips section   proposed by each member of the team. This can be very useful when you have the impression of facing a wall or you are about to give up!


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