The length of your little finger reveals hidden aspects of your personality

Uncertainty in the future and the desire to want to predict what it holds for us is a desire as old as the world. Indeed, many forms of divination have been practiced throughout the ages including the study of the palm of the hand, otherwise called palmistry or chirology. The practice is widespread around the world, with many cultural variations. Indeed, this discipline has its roots in Indian astrology but has spread to China, Tibet, Egypt, Persia and some European countries. Thus, according to this method, the size of your little finger can reveal several aspects of your personality. Check out yours in this article.

Today, modern palm kernels often combine traditional predictive techniques with psychology, holistic healing, and alternative methods of divination. This pseudoscience consists in evaluating the character or the future by “reading” the palm of the hand. However, in some traditions, readers also look at the characteristics of fingers, fingernails and fingerprints, the texture and color of the skin, the shape of the palm and the flexibility of the  hand .

Some bases of palmistry

The essential aspect in chiromancy is to identify your dominant and non-dominant hand. The dominant hand being your active hand or, if you prefer, the hand with which you write. Palmists believe that the dominant hand is a reflection of your present, your expectations, your aspirations and your achievements. The non-dominant hand is an indicator of the past, your habits, your experiences and your hidden talents.

Then comes the lines of your palm. Namely that there are seven main frames on the palm that represent the subconscious traits of your mind. These are the mountains of Saturn, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Apollo, Mars and Jupiter.

Thus, every line or mark on your palm reveals important information about your personality, your past, your present and your future. The formation of frames and the shape of the fingers can also say a lot about your inherent qualities. Palmistry also involves deciphering certain symbols, such as a star or a cross, that can sometimes form the lines of your hand.

What does your little finger reveal about your personality?

1) Type A

If the tip of your little  finger  stops just at the starting line of the upper joint of your ring finger , then you are type A. The type A personalities are struggling to indulge and quickly trust to others. Confident in appearance, you are nevertheless very sensitive and need to feel on favorable ground to let yourself go and deliver yourself. Hypocrisy, dishonesty and lies put you out of your reach because it is totally against your principles and your values. You are a sincere person, faithful and direct and know how to show generosity and show yourself present when it comes to helping others. Despite arrogant airs, you are actually a warm, loving person with a heart on your hand.

2) Type B

If your little finger extends beyond the upper joint of your ring finger, then you are type B. People of this type are particularly sensitive and very loyal to their loved ones. When you get in a relationship, you fully engage, making that person the center of your world. You never stop thinking about her and you try to spend time with her as soon as you can. However, you must know how to earn your heart to see this aspect of your personality. In effect, you generally disengage the image of a very independent person who does not need anyone to be happy. In life, you are fully dedicated to achieving your goals and do not hesitate to work hard to get there. Calm and non-confrontational nature,

3) Type C

If the tip of your little finger does not reach the top line of your ring finger, then you are type C. Optimistic, you are people that negativity can not alter. Unable to hold on to you any form of bitterness and anger, you quickly grant your forgiveness to others. Bursting with energy , you can still be very demanding and want to have the last word, especially when you are convinced that you are right. However, you know how to apologize and admit your wrongs when necessary. Also, you need to be surrounded by people who are dear to you because it comforts you and soothes that deep fear that is eating away at you.

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