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The color of your eyes reveals beautiful things about your personality

We have already heard that the eyes reflect the soul of a person and according to the experts, they can also give an idea about the personality. Whether blue, green, brown or gray, the eyes can seemingly reveal surprising traits. And as relayed by our colleagues in the Daily Mail, the color of the eyes seems to confirm this state of affairs.

According to a study published in  Current Psychology , researchers at the University of Queesland and the University of New South Wales have revealed that the color of the eyes can be indicative of a person’s pleasing appearance. As a result, the inhabitants of Northern Europe are likely to be less agreeable than their counterparts.

The study was also conducted in Australia involving 336 participants, 63% of whom are of North European origin. Stakeholders were asked to indicate their eye color   and to answer a questionnaire measuring personality traits. It turned out at the end of this study that darker eyes were considered more accommodating and altruistic compared to others.

In addition, a  study  by scientists at the University of Orebro in Sweden revealed, after studying the case of 428 participants, that the eye color is affected by the same genes that form the frontal lobe.

Eye color and personality traits

  • Brown eyes

Intelligence is the characteristic of those with brown eyes, but not only. This color means that people with this eye color are more enjoyable, loyal, confident and have more eye contact skills. In addition, they are usually born leaders. Thus, a  study  has revealed that individuals with brown eyes combined with a certain facial morphology, are more reliable and more trustworthy. In addition, brown eyes contain more melanin and the latter, the more it is rich, the more active the brain. By the way, according to  Chronobiology International, people with brown eyes tend to sleep less than others, about two hours less, and they have a sleep cycle   that is not regular with often difficulty waking up in the morning.

  • Blue eyes

The characteristics of blue eyes are gentleness, sexiness and kindness and contrary to popular belief, they are not as weak as some people claim. In fact, according to a  study  on light eyes, it turns out that people with blue or green eyes tolerate pain better than those with darker eyes. However, it is possible, according to the  Daily Mail,  that children with blue eyes tend to be more suspicious of news and less open to others.

  • Green eyes

The eyes are considered the most seductive and attractive because of the rarity of their color and they are also considered the most mysterious. They are also unpredictable and angry, more creative and devious. Also, people with green eyes may be jealous of others, but they remain motivated and passionate about what they are doing. And most people would have liked to have that eye color if it had been possible for them.

  • Gray eyes

Gray eyes are rarer since they constitute a fluctuation of blue eyes. And as the Tech Museum of Innovation explains  , gray eyes contain more melanin on the front of the eyes than light gray eyes. Also, dark gray eyes can denote a double facet of the personality according to the situations and the circumstances. People with gray eyes must double their efforts in  life  to be heard and inspire confidence.

Although studies have looked at the color of the eyes to reveal certain traits of character, the fact remains that the experience as well as the experience of each individual really determine his true personality.


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