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The avocado kernel is a treasure of nature that prevents diabetes inflammation improves digestion and much more

Avocado is one of the best-selling foods in the United States. Two-thirds of consumers bought it during the last year. This food knows a craze unparalleled in France where it is cooked in different forms. However, many lovers of this fruit make a fatal mistake. They throw his kernel instead of keeping it. They are thus relieved of its many health benefits since it has digestive benefits, anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory properties. We explain everything in detail.

Avocado is a very nutritious fruit, but throwing out its core is a mistake because it is a very nutrient-rich part. You can grind it and add it to your smoothies or salads or dishes to benefit from its important nutritional qualities.

Benefits of avocado kernels:

A fruit rich in antioxidants:

The avocado kernel is rich in polyphenols, antioxidants. It’s a mistake to throw it away because polyphenols help prevent type 2 diabetes, increase insulin sensitivity, reduce inflammation from heart disease and cancer, and are excellent health allies. Antioxidants are also known to be components that fight the aging of skin and organs.

The digestion :

Avocado cores have been used for centuries by South American populations to relieve gastrointestinal disorders. Thanks to their richness in soluble fibers, they improve the intestinal transit, give a feeling of satiety thus making it possible to limit the nibbling. Avocado cores, because of their astringent property, help fight against diarrhea and certain intestinal inflammations. The avocado kernel extracts have been proven to eliminate many bacteria and protozoa that cause certain diseases.

Anti aging :

The lipids contained in the avocado core and the antioxidants make it an anti-aging ally. Its action: fight against free radicals that cause diseases and aging. It can also have anti-inflammatory effects that improve the quality of the skin and makes it look younger.

Keep the lawyer:

In order for the lawyer to keep all his nutritional assets, it is essential to know all the techniques in order to keep him intact. It is first to keep half of avocado in a glass box to prevent it from blackening. However, there are other techniques such as:

-Olive oil: Put a thin layer of olive oil on half of avocado with a brush. This creates a natural barrier to prevent oxidation of fruit and grain.

-Lemon juice: It can also preserve the fruit. Rub it on half avocado and insist on the kernel.

-Onion: Place pieces of onions in the container with the avocado on top.

It is important to keep your avocados cool so you can keep them for up to two weeks.

Avocado core powder

You can slice or shred the kernel after removing the thin brown skin around it. It is advisable to grilled it until its color becomes dark. This action will allow to grind it easily and therefore to use it in your teas, infusions, smoothies, or in your salads or dishes. He will raise the taste. But the powder of avocado kernel is not only a food.

Mask with avocado pit powder:

If you combine avocado kernel powder with honey, olive oil or homemade avocado juice you can make it a homemade exfoliating mask that will remove excess dead skin with ease while moisturizing your face.

Caution :

Because of its high tannin content, it is advisable not to abuse the consumption of avocado kernels to avoid constipation.


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