The 8 tips of Professor Henri Joyeux to have an iron health

Doctor and author of many books on health, including Eat better and better, Sexual ecology or Life at your fingertips, Professor Henri Joyeux shares his knowledge around the world. Known for his commitment to the precautionary principle of health and medicine and his willingness to warn about the dangers of certain pharmaceutical products, he regularly provides advice on the well-being and prevention of diseases such as cancer , Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

When it comes to health, it is sometimes difficult to find the advice we need and, above all, to apply it. Added to motivation and a real desire for change, for a healthy mind and body, these 8 tips from Professor Henri Joyeux will help you:

1. Physical activity

Exercising regularly promotes perspiration and therefore the elimination of toxins. Similarly, physical activity improves mood , reduces fat and helps weight loss, while preserving and strengthening muscle mass. The good rhythm? Two sessions of 30 minutes per week according to Pr Joyeux, in his book  Change of food .

2. The weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for the proper functioning of the body. In fact, overweight and obesity are at the root of many diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular, respiratory and rheumatological disorders, not to mention the psychological repercussions. It is therefore important to pay attention to one’s weight, without following   restrictive and dangerous diets . According to Henri Joyeux, we must eat better and better, especially by avoiding gluten, cow’s milk and strong alcohols.

3. The children

As time goes on, fertility declines and complications of pregnancy increase. It is therefore better to respect one’s biological clock and to have children before  30 years of age . In addition, once a baby is born, rely on breastfeeding until 6 months (minimum) and partial breastfeeding up to 2 years as recommended by the World Health Organization ( WHO ). This is the best way to preserve baby’s immune system and guard against breast cancer, advises Pr Joyeux. Note that to stop lactation, medications  are contraindicated (because of the risks and side effects).

4. Smoking

Tobacco is one of the leading   preventable causes of respiratory disease, bladder disorders, vascular, heart and brain problems, cancer and death. Reduce your consumption, just one to two cigarettes a day, even completely eliminate  tobacco , and most importantly, avoid passive smoking, recommends Henri Joyeux.

5. Hydration

Adopt 2 to 3 large bowls of herbal tea a day as explained by Pr Joyeux in  Change of food . For example, one in the morning, based on herbal teas, rosemary, sage or mint and one evening with verbena, chamomile or linden. Likewise, consider hydrating yourself throughout the day and remove sodas (even light ones) and other products like industrial spread, which are high in sugars and fat.

6. Dairy products

Choose milk products based on goat’s milk and organic ewes and plant calcium, that is to say that present in foods such as almonds, apples or parsley. And for good reason, the excessive consumption of milk products based on cow’s milk would be at the origin of many diseases and could increase the fractures and the risk of death according to a  study . Moreover, as Pr Joyeux says at a  conference  in Corsica, cow’s milk is for calves and we are not.

7. Fruits and vegetables

The  fruits  and vegetables, and legumes, are essential for the body, provided they are  organic  if possible and season. They offer the maximum of their nutrients and are free from harmful substances such as chemical pesticides and pollutants.

8. The cooking mode

To preserve the nutrients in the food as much as possible, choose the right cooking method: the one with the  soft steam . This technique, where the food is cooked at low temperature, that is to say at less than 95-97 ° C (unlike steaming at higher temperatures) thanks to the steam, preserves the taste and texture of food, while being healthy. Note that the temperature-time equation must be respected so that this principle of nutrient preservation is optimal. Indeed, the longer the cooking lasts – even at low temperature – the greater the risk of destroying the identity of the food increases. In general, thinly trim sprouts, proteins and legumes (that is, soaked overnight) and cook for 5 minutes at low temperature. For whole grains and fish, the times and volumes of water required may vary. 

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