The 7 early signs of cancer that 90% of people are unaware

According to the league against cancer, an average of 148,737 deaths from cancer are recorded each year in France. Namely, between 2004 and 2008, cancer was the leading cause of death in the country for men and the second for women. Cancer is a life-threatening disease caused by uncontrolled growth of tumor cells. Nevertheless, early detection greatly increases the chances of successful treatment and therefore remission. So, here are 7 symptoms that you should pay particular attention to.

It is important to recognize the early signs of cancer in order to act as quickly as possible. Indeed, if the cancer spreads, the effectiveness of the treatment becomes more difficult and the chances of survival consequently much thinner.

Early detection and chances of survival

The Cancer Research UK released figures that show once again that early detection is a key factor that makes all the difference:

· 9 out of 10 patients with bowel cancer survived more than 5 years after early diagnosis.

More than 90% of women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer have survived for at least 5 years, compared to only 15% of those diagnosed at a later stage.

· Over 90% of women diagnosed with early-stage ovarian cancer have survived for at least 5 years, compared to only 5% of those diagnosed at a later stage.

· More than 80% of people with lung cancer survive at least one year after early diagnosis, compared to about 15% for those diagnosed at a later stage.

Some cancers are usually diagnosed late because of poor sensitization of people to signs and symptoms. Here are 7 early signs of cancer that most people do not know, as reported by our colleagues at Le Figaro Santé. If you suffer from it, we recommend that you consult a doctor as soon as possible.

7 warning signs of cancer

1) Irritation of the skin and itching

You will probably not tend to associate a rash and itchy skin with cancer. Still, be aware that some itching and genital rashes are due to a  uterine neoplasm .

2) Bowel problems

If you notice an unexplained change in your bowel habits, vomiting, blood in your stool, purulent secretions, or if you have persistent stomach pain, this may be a sign of bowel cancer.

3) Renal disorders

Symptoms of kidney cancer  may include: blood in the urine, low back pain, unexplained fever that lasts over time, extreme fatigue or swelling of the ankles or legs.

4) Significant weight loss

It’s pretty hard to notice the first signs of  stomach cancer. However, if you lose a lot of weight due to sudden loss of appetite, abdominal discomfort, abdominal discomfort, repeated nausea and vomiting, we advise you to consult quickly a doctor.

5) A prolonged cough

A persistent and worsening cough may be one of many signs of  lung cancer. These symptoms include: blood in the sputum, chest pain that worsens when you cough or laugh, weight loss, shortness of breath or extreme fatigue.

6) A pain in the throat

If you have persistent pain in your throat, this may be a sign of laryngeal cancer. Also, if you have hoarse voice for no reason, difficulty swallowing or persistent earache it is important to consult a doctor.

7) Skin cancer

A skin tumor is an abnormal and unusual growth of your skin. Other symptoms may indicate this type of cancer including balls in the chest or armpits, unexplained itchy skin or the growth or change of shape of a birthmark.


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