The 3 best detox diets for weight loss according to doctors

With the current lifestyle and the environment in which we live, people often tend to excesses of all kinds and the body finds it hard to accept. This is why it is important to make a detox cure from time to time to purify and regenerate from within. In addition, this detoxification also helps to stimulate weight loss and regain a more serene digestion. How then to find the detox cure that suits you? We explain everything in this article!

best detox diets for weight loss

What is a detox cure?

In general, the  detox cure  is a program that can be applied in the long term as well as in the short term and that aims to relieve stress, promote weight loss, eliminate  toxins  accumulated in the body and limit bloating to facilitate digestion. Composed only of organic products, the detox cure has no side effects. However, it is essential to strictly follow the advice of a nutritionist before starting a detoxification program.

The 3 best detox treatments to adopt

1. The shred power cleanse

”  Shred Power Cleanse ” is a two-week detox  program only, directed by Dr. Ian Smith – author of New York Times bestseller diets – for anyone wishing to lose weight or simply wanting to feel better.

Among the flagship foods of this cure, we find:

Organic apples

The  benefits  of the apple never stop. Indeed, this high fiber food acts as a perfect anti-cholesterol, anti-diabetes and promotes the balance of the nervous system.

Blueberries (cornflower) bios

Thanks to their high amounts of antioxidants,  blueberries  help reduce the risk of overweight, strengthen the immune system and regulate digestive disorders.

Organic pear

Pear   is highly recommended for people who are overweight or have diabetes because of their ability to stabilize glucose levels. Rich in dietary fiber, the pear manages to stimulate intestinal regulation.

Organic strawberries

Vitamin C, fiber, potassium or antioxidants,  strawberries  are full of benefits including stimulating intestinal transit  , promoting the immune system and eliminating bloating.

Organic lemon

This food is an ally of the detox. According to this  study , lemon cleanses the body, facilitates digestion and eliminates toxins from the body.

2. Balanced detox diet

A second choice of cure is offered to you: a diet with a quantity of food to consume without moderation (or almost) which is based on the  nutritional program MyPlate  of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

This program puts together a wide range of vegetables, fruits, proteins, cereals and many other equally important foods. You can find on this  link , the complete list of foods to privilege.

3. The detox drink diet

This cure essentially consists of reducing or even stopping the consumption of alcohol  given the countless harmful effects it has on the health of the person. A  study  conducted by  the World Health Organization  in 2018, proves that alcohol is responsible for 3 million deaths worldwide and that it causes more than 200 diseases, the best known of which are cancer, cirrhosis or intoxication.

Unlike alcohol, detox drinks purify the body of all impurities injected and keep it in good health. When you replace alcohol with these detoxifying drinks, your body already feels better from the first days.

Here are easy-to-make detox recipes that quickly eliminate excess

–               A lemon detox

· The juice of a lemon

· 1 tablespoon of honey

· 1 large bouquet of fresh mint

· Ice cubes.

Mix lemon, honey and ice cubes, then add water. Enjoy your drink cool!

–               A fruit and vegetable detox juice 

· 1/3 pineapple

· 1/2 cucumber

· 1 handful of spinach

· 2 apples

· The juice of 2 lemons

· Ice cubes

Cut the fruits and vegetables into cubes, mix in a blender, have a good appetite!

Caution :  

Before starting your detox treatment, it is essential to inform your doctor.

The consumption of lemon is not recommended in case of gastric, biliary or renal disorders.

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