Scientists say it’s good to have sex with your ex

” I’m leaving you “. This dreaded phrase tears you apart and annihilates you. And after a breakup, very few people will advise you to resume sex with your ex, which is quite understandable, they will call this recovery unhealthy because they will worry about your emotional health. However, as relayed by Daily Mail, it turns out, according to a scientific study, that this is not such a bad idea; this could be a transition stage to a new encounter.

Some people may not be able to recover from a  break-up  and move on. Then there are painful moments of questioning, guilt and low self-esteem. And it happens that these people have sex with their ex for several reasons; this can be explained by the difficulty of detachment or the need to satisfy sexual urges.

Keeping sex with her ex would not be a bad idea  according to this study

But here is a scientific  study  that jostles the misconceptions to prove that keeping a relationship with his ex could be beneficial and could even help speed up the process of transition to a new relationship. Also, according to this study, it was revealed that there was a positive relationship between having  sex  with one’s ex-partner and changing to a new relationship, even though feelings of suffering may persist during this period.

Moreover, and always in the same context, a sexual relationship with his ex-partner remains pleasant in the sense that the connection is already established, and the latter never disappears even if the break is brutal. So according to  Audrey Hope, relationship expert, just be in the same room with an ex to feel that there is still a link.

And as Tracey Cox, a British expert in sexual relations and romantic relationships in the  Daily Mail , has suggested, it is sometimes advisable to go back and try sex again with her ex because it could shed light on the true nature of the relationship. relationship that we have often idealized. This will allow us to feel less pain and especially to understand that this is the end with no return.

Thus, societal criticism that the resumption of sexual relations with his ex would be unacceptable, are no longer necessary. It turns out that most people still looking for their ex, were more in need of sex to feel a connection and intimacy. This pushed them to be more positive to meet new people and allowed them to emerge emotionally from their partner a few months later. That said, it is still not advisable to resume sex with a former toxic partner, which will only further bog down into  depression .

This survey is not a reference to encourage ex to make love after a breakup. Further research is needed to further investigate the impact of having sex with one’s ex-partner on emotional health and the possibility of transition to another relationship and mourning in love.

How can one recover from a breakup?

Breaking with the person we loved is particularly painful and damaging. This break reflects a loss of self-esteem and the hope of finding love one day. It is clear that healing is slow and can even be reduced to nothing for some.

And apart from the resumption of sex with her ex to make the transition and which besides, can not work for everyone, other ways are possible to recover from a painful break.

According to  Psychology Today, there are essential steps to take care of yourself and get by:

  • It is necessary to let the emotions express themselves and not to restrain them.
  • Seek support from family and friends or help from a therapist to accept your situation and move on.
  • Document yourself on the breakup in love by reading books that treat the subject by proposing solutions because it could bring you the awakening of the spirit.
  • Sleep well, eat well and engage in physical activity to release stress and anger.
  • Take care of yourself and comfort yourself. Change your hairstyle, wardrobe and do what gives you pleasure.
  • Open to the outside world and new encounters. This could be a quick way to regain your self-esteem and an adequate partner, provided you go slowly.


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