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Recipe: The 3 best drinks to lose weight

Who does not dream of evacuating all the fat in his body and finding a flat stomach? Several factors promote the formation of fat and the rest diet is at the top of the list. Indeed, abusing processed foods rich in additives is not recommended. To speed up your metabolism and help your body to evacuate this body fat, we offer 3 drink recipes to help you achieve your goals.

Having a flat stomach is not just about aesthetics. Certainly, a   firm and toned silhouette returns a flattering appearance but losing its abdominal fat is all the more important to be able to maintain good health. You have trouble boosting your metabolism and getting satisfactory results? These 3 drinks are made for you!

How to deal with abdominal fat?

The majority of women tend to store their  fat  at the hips, thighs and buttocks. However, they end up in several cases by attacking the belly when the hormones are out of adjustment or the food  is too sweet or too fat.

Indeed, there are foods that contribute more than others to the formation of fat. Instead, think of ” fat-burning  ” foods  such as lemon, pineapple, broccoli, etc., as well as fiber-rich foods that improve transit and promote the escape of toxins such as wholegrain cereals. legumes.

Fats can also settle because of  stress   by leading to a production of ”  cortisol  “. This hormone will increase the level of sugar present in your body, which, in order to cope with this surplus, will store it in the form of fat if it thinks that the quantity is much too big and that it does not need it for carry out all of its functions.

That is why it is advisable to try a maximum of externalizing all the accumulated stress to allow your body to recover the calm and the stability which keep it in good health.

Dangers of fat accumulation

Be aware that high fat levels in your body can be a source of serious health problems. In particular, it may  cause  :

– Diabetes

– High blood  pressure

– Respiratory problems

– Cardiovascular diseases

3 recipes to prepare your drinks

When combined with healthy eating, regular physical activity and good hydration, some foods can support your efforts and help you achieve your goals.

1st drink:

– A ginger root (about 2.5cm)

– ½ cup of mint leaves

– The juice of a  lemon

– 3 cups of water

To make this drink, mix the lemon juice, grated ginger and mint leaves cut into a blender. Let stand for half an hour before adding your water and mix everything.

Use the mixture the next day after allowing it to cool overnight. Consume at your convenience, according to your own needs and goals. Thanks to the favorable action of  ginger  on weight loss and the stimulating action of  lemon  and  mint  on digestion, you can integrate this drink into your daily life to support your efforts.

Do not exceed 3 glasses a day.

2nd drink:

– The juice of half a lemon

– A big glass of water

– 1 kiwi

The method is very simple: you just have to mix all your ingredients in a blender. Thanks to the  kiwi  that improves the transit and prevents the installation of fat, you can consume this drink in the morning, as soon as you wake up, to start your day on the right foot.

3rd drink:

– A grapefruit in a hurry

– A pressed orange

– A tablespoon of ground flaxseed

– An Apple

Blend all of your ingredients until you get the texture you prefer. It is advisable to consume the drink before meals, in the morning or in the evening. You can add water if you want to dilute it.

This is the slimming drink par excellence thanks to the  apple  “appetite suppressant” which can “trap” your fat,  grapefruit  and  orange  that respectively regulate the transit and reduce stress, as well as the  linseed  rich in fiber relieving the problems of bloating.


Because of its anticoagulant effect, ginger is not recommended before a surgical procedure. It is also to be avoided for pregnant women.

Grapefruit is contraindicated if you take certain medications. It is imperative to seek the advice of your doctor to consume.

Lemon is not recommended for people with kidney, gastric or biliary disorders. As for the orange, this citrus fruit must not be consumed at the same time as antacid drugs.

Mint is not recommended if you have high blood pressure, severe liver problems or gall bladder.

If in doubt about the effects of any of the ingredients and / or mixtures suggested, seek the advice of a doctor.

source : santeplusmag

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