Put some lemon in your washing machine and you’ll thank me all your life

Although white is usually associated with transparency, purity and simplicity, it is not always easy to maintain the white linen, namely to maintain its freshness and whiteness of yesteryear in the long term. This difficulty certainly lies in finding the ideal method to get there. Some opt for makeshift detergents rich in chemicals endangering their health while others indulge in muscular washes that damage the quality of clothing. So what to do?

lemon in your washing machine

It is possible to keep your white garment always bright, without yellowing over time, thanks to safer methods that eliminate the tasks more effectively than many products sold at high prices and often harmful. In this article, we will share with you some simple and natural tips to keep your laundry white and prevent it from turning yellow after washing.

Methods for a bright white linen:

Use of vinegar and lemon  juice :

This grandmother’s trick is based on the use of two very interesting ingredients namely vinegar and lemon (juice). The  vinegar  is known for his culinary charm, impeccable seasoning touch to meals and food preservative role for fruits and vegetables. However, this ingredient also has  virtues  whitening and softening which can not only find the bright color of your clothes but also eliminate scale residues on fabrics. Lemon, meanwhile, is this citrus with multiple caps: useful both for concocting healthy and balanced meals, for weight loss and many other areas, it has a whitening action  which allows you to keep the freshness of your clothes avoiding their discoloration. Moreover, it occupies a place of choice in the chemical composition of several industrial detergents.

The method is very simple:  You only need to add to your usual detergent a few drops of vinegar and lemon juice, then clean your clothes to see gradually disappearing yellow tint and stains.

Use of cold milk:

Beyond its nutritional benefits,  milk  is also an excellent remedy for stubborn stains on your clothes and affect their whiteness. Cold, it would be even more effective!

To begin, mix two cups of milk with a cup of water in a bowl. Dip your clothes and add a few ice cubes to reduce the temperature of your container. Let stand for one hour, rinse and air dry.

The use of baking soda:

You have probably heard about this powder to do everything. It is a true gift of nature that helps to neutralize grease stains, to  whiten  your laundry but also to guarantee a pleasant fragrance for your clothes by  eliminating  bad odors. Here’s how to proceed:

Ø Put  baking soda  (a cup) in 4 liters of water.

Ø Dip your white clothes in the mixture for one hour.

Ø Once the time has passed, wash your clothes normally.

You now know what you need to find the whiteness and freshness of your clothes. However, here are some mistakes to avoid when washing your laundry.

Errors not to commit:

Some mistakes during washing are the cause of the deterioration of our favorite clothes.

Mix the linen of different colors:

Keeping the shine of a white cloth is not easy because it takes a little sweat to stain a white underarm or collar.  The colors of the other clothes can therefore easily rub off and lead to annoying discoloration. Thus, it is recommended to wash the white cloths separately.

Leave your clothes in the machine too long after the end of the cycle:

The white linen that has been in the machine for too long after the end of the cycle will eventually take on the color of the water in which it rests. That’s why you have to be vigilant at this level so as not to ruin all the work you have done upstream.

Use too much detergent:

Using too much detergent can damage the texture of your laundry and the scent of your clothes. We must therefore opt for a brand that gives the opportunity to measure each dose used and strictly comply with the recommendations for the use of detergents at the risk of destroying your  clothes .

Use little detergent:

So that your white linen is impeccable after washing, a quantity of detergent is identified and must be respected. In case of non respect, your clothes will be badly washed, worsening the result instead of improving it.

Have a dirty washing machine:

If your washing machine is dirty, it is normal for your laundry to become stained after washing. In addition, some musty smells on the clothing could come directly from the machine. This is why we must ensure that the latter is constantly washed and clean.

source : santeplusmag

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