No you are not fat your stomach is just swollen! Here’s how to get rid of it

Sometimes, just a glance at the mirror is enough to feel the wind of despair blow on our mental well-being. Stomach swollen and more rounded appearance, we do not hesitate to attribute these symptoms to meals too rich and therefore to weight gain. But what if you were told that the reason behind your malaise is not at all related to extra pounds? Cosmopolitan magazine explains everything.

Often associated with weight gain, bloating does not necessarily result from an unhealthy diet, even if it can contribute. Moreover, it is a very common phenomenon that affects many people everyday. Characterized by an excess of gas in the stomach or intestine, it can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing because of the flatulence and pain it causes. In this sense, it is important to understand its origins so that it can be remedied.


Usually due to an accumulation of bacteria in the gut, it is responsible for flatulence that you suffer when you are bloated. Indeed, the inability to eliminate stool leads to the accumulation and fermentation of microbes in your body. 


This phenomenon occurs when you are not eating properly and an excess of air integrates your digestive system. You will notice that this often happens if you do not chew your food properly or chew gum all the time. Besides, this is the  reason why your body tries to break free, particularly through belching and flatulence. 

An unthinking diet

It goes without saying that an unhealthy or saturated carbohydrate diet can hinder your digestion. However, be aware that there are also very healthy foods that can hinder intestinal transit. This applies in particular to  vegetables  such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflowers that tend to ferment in the stomach and cause gas. 


Many women complain of bloating before or during menstruation. Indeed, progesterone is a hormone that tends to increase during the second half of the menstrual cycle. It is therefore at the origin of the discomfort you feel in the stomach. 

Stress and anxiety

Like accepted ideas, diet is not the only cause of intestinal disorders. Dr. Jacqueline Warnet , gastroenterologist and hepatologist in Paris explains that the intestine has thousands of neurons capable of feeling every emotion that affects us. Indeed, certain external factors such as stress and anxiety act directly on your stomach, causing bloating and an embarrassing sensation. 

Change of environment

Any unusual changes may affect the balance of the stomach. Whether you go on vacation or face a different context, it is possible that some bacteria enter your body through a different diet or environment, leading to constipation that will cause bloating. 

Tips to facilitate intestinal transit

Given all these variables that can affect your health, it is essential to have the right tools to deal with them. In cases where you are constipated, do not hesitate to drink a cup of coffee to stimulate your transit, it is also important to drink enough water in the day (2 liters per day) – However, do not add no dairy products as these could worsen your condition. Natural laxatives made  from dates and prunes  are also your allies.

Another useful and indispensable ingredient in the treatment of pain associated with bloating is the essential oil of peppermint. Rich in   beneficial virtues , its application on the stomach helps relieve your pain and its use after a meal helps stimulate digestion. Remember that your first action is to  eat a  healthy diet of foods rich in insoluble fiber to give a boost to your transit!  

In addition, it is very important to practice relaxing activities such as  yoga  or sophrology to relieve your stress and find your inner balance. If your bloating persists, try inverted U-massage that mimics the movement of food during transit through the body:

· Place your hands on the right side of your abdomen

· Go back to the right side with a slight pressure 

· Continue this movement by going to the left side

· Go back to the left side of the abdomen

Warnings: Peppermint oil should not be used by pregnant or lactating women. It is also forbidden to children. Finally, it is not recommended to use it in diffusion oil. 


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