If your man tells you these 7 things, leave him

As the saying goes, “Good words and bad deeds deceive the wise and the foolish”. And in a romantic relationship, beautiful words are worthless if they are not followed by concrete actions. However, words can also carry messages whether they are positive or negative and impact our morale and at the same time our relationship. Because there are hurtful words that affect us in the depths of our being and for this reason, it is important to pay attention.

If your man tells you unacceptable things and hurts you, you should not tolerate them. It happens to some women to accept the humiliation of their spouse and to be willing. As a result, they let their man reach them deeply and even affect their identity.

Vulnerability and lack of self-confidence are all weaknesses that a man could exploit to base his ancestry on you. The  injury  recurring resulting often will cause emotional damage that in most cases cause an emotional distance.

Here are some examples of phrases that your man might say to you that you should never tolerate.

1. “You are only dramatizing”

If your mind is torn by any problem that anguishes you, he must be at your side to calm you down and soothe you instead of blaming you for doing too much. It should under no circumstances underestimate your emotions  and belittle them but rather take your hassle seriously and help you.

2. “If you really love me, you’ll do it for me”

Even if this sentence seems innocuous at first, it seems to simply look like an emotional manipulation. It is a purely selfish attitude on his part because in love one can not make such demands. This indicates that the relationship may be one way.

3. “Why can not you be like my ex?”

If he asks you this question, it indicates that he has no respect for you. The comparison with his ex is totally inexcusable and intolerable. And even if he has things to reproach you with, he can do it in a subtle way respecting your sensitivity and not hurting you and hurting you.

4. “Can you shut up for a second? “

If your man asks you to be quiet every time you want to speak, it means he is immature to have a relationship with you. He is indifferent to your opinions and your points of view; he does not care at all about your  personality  or even listening to you to really know you.

5. “Why are you so stupid? “

The mistake is human and we all happen to do it at one time or another in our lives. And your man should not blame you for your bad decision with such a humiliating phrase. Because by doing so, it sinks you deeper into your uncertainties and your malaise and you do not deserve it.

6. “You have the same language as your mother”

This sentence shows that he has no respect for you or your mother. The latter has spent all her beautiful years making you the woman you are today and he uses it to insult you. It’s cruel on his part and you must not tolerate this behavior in any way.

7. “Your place is at home”

This equally degrading phrase means that your man does not want to see you evolve and will do anything to keep you as low as possible. A man who loves you should rather push you to go forward and encourage you in your project and not limit yourself and lower your exaltation for the future.


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