“I almost died because the doctors did not want me to have an abortion”

Waiting for a baby is the most important thing for a mother but when difficulties arise and cause the death of the baby in utero, it is a mourning difficult to bear, especially when the caregiver does not support. Unfortunately, this is what a young mother experienced. She told her story on her Facebook page , she explains the physical and emotional suffering she suffered because of the Catholic hospital that refused to abort her for religious beliefs.

Kate Kampen is an accomplished young woman who formed a happy trio with her husband and little boy. Her happiness was intensified when her second pregnancy was announced. Preparations for the newborn were underway and the baby’s name was already chosen when complications began to appear.

The beginning of a great suffering

Kate started having   recurrent bleeding and after doing an ultrasound and several tests, it turned out that the baby she was waiting for was, alas, dead. According to the doctors, his uterus was full of debris. In view of this bad news, Kate’s emotional pain was such that she could not repress a scream that summed up her suffering and anger after the loss of the baby she was holding.

But the worst was yet to come because the hospital refused to abort him for religious beliefs, unless his life was in danger. The doctor then advised her to go home and let nature do things because it was the will of God.

Kate had to not only support the idea of ​​her baby’s death, but also to know that he was still in his womb. And even after several attempts to convince the hospital to perform an  abortion , the answer was still negative.

Until the day when her health became complicated and she was forced to be rushed to hospital because her life was in danger. The decision on abortion was finally made.

After this great suffering, the calvary of the young woman ended; she was able to resume the course of her life even if deep inside her, she knows that she will never recover from this loss and will never forgive this hospital, responsible for a lot of  trouble .

Miscarriage and abortion

According to  information ivg , abortion is regulated in France since 1975 by the law Veil and must be practiced before the end of the twelfth week of pregnancy, especially at the request of the pregnant woman.

Moreover, according to  American Pregnancy , miscarriage is one of the main causes of the loss of a pregnancy. When the pregnancy is at its 10th week, the body may eventually expel the fetal tissue but otherwise, and if the miscarriage remains incomplete, abortion, also called abortion, is necessary.

This procedure involves curettage of the uterus, removing its contents either by scraping the uterine wall with the aid of an instrument, or by means of aspiration.

But for most women, the expectation of natural fetal expulsion remains painful emotionally and often they resort to abortion to begin the healing process.

Abortion can be performed under general anesthesia or local paracervical anesthesia depending on the case. Generally, an antibiotic and analgesics are prescribed to prevent infection and relieve pain after the operation.

The risks and complications of abortion

There are risks that can be related to:

· Anesthesia, especially when it is general

· Abundant bleeding

· Pestilence of the uterus

· A piercing of the uterus

· Incomplete curettage

However, when complications persist after the abortion, such as dizziness, fainting, prolonged pain, heavy and prolonged bleeding, fever or chills, it is urgent to consult a health professional as soon as possible.


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