How to use baking soda to eliminate toxic pesticides from your fruits and vegetables

Pesticides are products used in agriculture to eliminate weeds, diseases, insects and other pests. However, the use of these products affects health and should be eliminated before consuming certain foods such as fruits and vegetables. To do this, baking soda is particularly indicated according to a study relayed by Le Figaro.

Negative for the environment and for  health , pesticides contaminate the air we breathe and the food we eat. As Futura Sciences explains  , these substances are at the origin of serious consequences on our state of health such as cancers, male infertility, miscarriages and malformations of the fetus. Although it is difficult to guard against them completely, it is necessary at least to reduce them as much as possible. To do this, remember to clean your fruit and vegetables. But what natural product to use? According to science, baking soda would be effective. Explanations.

– Baking soda, an effective natural product against pesticides

A   scientific study looked at the best process in terms of cleaning food, especially to remove pesticide residues on and in apples. The researchers impregnated the  apples  with pesticides and compared different cleaning techniques. They used a blend of bleach, another one with water and baking soda and finally clear water. It turned out that the mixture of water and baking soda was the most effective way to eliminate pesticides on the surface of the food. Note that to eliminate residues inside the fruit, the author of the study, Lili He, admits that no technique is effective except the peeling of the fruit.

Thus, if you want to clean your fruits and vegetables properly to remove traces of pesticides as much as possible, dilute one to two teaspoons of baking soda in one liter of water. Then let the food soak for 15 minutes, drain and rinse with clear water.

– Other uses of baking soda

Flagship product in cleaning and   natural remedies , baking soda is economical and easily accessible. It can be used:

For the House :

Thanks to its whitening, antibacterial and texture properties,  baking soda  can clean dirty surfaces, descale faucets and kettles as well as whiten laundry, absorb bad odors and give a second life to your home. silverware.

For health :

In terms of  health , baking soda is indicated to relieve heartburn and digestive disorders and to rebalance the potassium level in the blood through its alkaline effect. It also helps whiten teeth, reduce eczema problems, fight against insect bites and itching.


Be careful to choose your type of baking soda according to the use you make of it. Baking soda is either for maintenance or food. The first is unfit for consumption.

Bicarbonate is contraindicated in people with heart and / or kidney failure and in pregnant women. Similarly, it should be used with moderation in view of its abrasive effect for tooth enamel. If in doubt, seek medical advice.


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