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Here’s why you have cramps at night and 5 tips to avoid them

Sometimes we are prone to leg cramps that wake us up in the middle of the night. This unpleasant phenomenon affects millions of people, although we do not really know the cause. However, some habits can help us avoid them

Cramps are a fairly brief phenomenon, which can last from a few seconds to a few minutes. Nevertheless, the stinging pain that accompanies them can be very uncomfortable, especially when it occurs in the middle of the night. It can even cause sleep disturbances if it recurs repeatedly.

Several causes are associated with this phenomenon, such as  pregnancy, lack of stretching after physical exercise, or dehydrationSome calcium, magnesium, and potassium deficiencies have also been identified as sources of nocturnal cramps.

Leg cramps manifest themselves through involuntary contractions of the thighs, feet, and calves. The pain they cause, especially when they occur during your sleep, can cause a feeling of muscle soreness upon waking. Amalgam is often created with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), which unlike cramps, allows movement of the legs to reduce the sensation of pain. Here are some tips to avoid them and enjoy a good night’s sleep:

Physical activity

When it comes to cramps, there is no quick fix, you have to move! Depending on your pace of life, it is necessary to dedicate a moment in the day to physical activity. Inactivity is unfortunately one of the common triggers of these cramps, so avoid staying in one position for too long.


Who says exercise says stretching! Indeed, it is essential to combine these stretches with your physical exercises to relieve your muscles and avoid this feeling of tension that manifests in the form of cramps, often when you least expect it … in the middle of the night. If these pains persist and you wake up anyway, do the same stretching exercises, if not eliminate your cramps, they can relieve them.


Hydration  is a key element in the prevention of night cramps. Drinking enough water allows your muscles to relax, thus avoiding possible muscle pain. Many people are not aware of their dehydration, until their body reminds them to order through cramps that manifest in full sleep. To find out if you consume enough water, refer  to the color of your urine  ! A color that is too dark could indicate a lack of moisture.


Performing a leg massage can relieve the pain, especially in the  calves . Indeed, this practice is considered not dangerous and can reduce the feeling of pain felt. It is also recommended to point your foot up in case of cramp before massaging your calves.


Increasing your magnesium absorption   may reduce your night cramps! Consuming foods rich in  magnesium  such as avocado, bananas or dried fruits is highly recommended. Regarding possible dietary supplements, be sure to inform your doctor beforehand, especially in the case of pregnant women.

Magnesium can also be used in massage oil on the muscles of your legs.

Here is what you need to prepare this oil or, strictly speaking, this water:

– ½ glass of filtered water

– ½ glass of magnesium chloride flakes

Boil the mixture, let it cool, and place it in a spray bottle. Before going to bed, use this preparation to massage your calves, guaranteed results!


It is imperative to consult your doctor in case of taking a drug treatment before using this massage oil. Indeed, it is not recommended for people who follow a treatment for the heart.


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