Here’s why a lot of smart and beautiful women stay single for years

You’ve probably wondered why some of your friends who are so beautiful and so smart are single and do not plan to get married either? This article brings you the answer to this question that is bothering you so much.

1. Modern women are independent

Today, women are fighting for their rights and changing society. Increasingly, they are getting jobs that are equivalent to or better than men’s and become independent. They no longer need the services of men for physical work because they have acquired the means to pay for services. And often, it’s even faster than waiting  for your husband to solve the problem  !

2. Women intend to respect their freedom and free time even more than before

Now, instead of cooking at home for their husbands and children, after the work day, women prefer to enjoy their free time for themselves. They take the opportunity to take care of their body or to register for cultural activities.

3. Women become more emotionally stable

When people make jokes about single women with cats, it’s not really a joke. Indeed, women have become stronger, and more emotionally stable  .

Indeed, the modern world gives women approximately the same opportunities as men. And that affects their psychology.

4. Women today are no longer afraid of who they are

Today, women are no longer afraid to show their preferences and to live relationships without going through marriage or cohabitation and that with a person of the opposite sex or the same sex. They completely assume their life choices and give no one the right to judge their way of life or their relationships.

5. Modern women have very high standards

When you earn your own money, have a degree, take care of your appearance and develop your knowledge in other areas, you expect a man who does not put you down, a man who has several qualities at a time. You can not be with a man who does not appreciate your efforts. It is not possible to tolerate low standards because they do not help you rise. It’s easier to stay alone and continue to take care of yourself.

6. Men are more afraid to meet beautiful and intelligent women

When men see a woman who is beautiful, independent and intelligent, they have trouble taking the first step, because they think it’s impossible for her to be alone and nobody wants to be rejected. For their part, most women will never take the first step because they already make enough effort in their lives. All this does not promote the meeting and the idea of ​​a life of a couple.

7. Modern women no longer believe in fairy tales

Yes, the level of confidence of women towards men is lower today because of modern standards and the era of consumption. No one wants to be heartbroken and how many stories of betrayal of women do we know? Smart women are women who are down to earth, grounded in reality. They can not believe Prince Charming on a white horse. They are even often suspicious, which explains their celibacy.


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