Here’s how to lose weight just with water

Source of life on Earth, water is essential to meet the needs of our body daily. Essential for irrigation and cell nutrition, it is an irreplaceable resource, especially since it makes up about 70% of the adult body. Often denigrated, she tends to take the last place on our list of slimming drinks. Still, it would be a decisive factor in boosting weight loss, as explained by Women’s Health magazine . Lighting.

In terms of weight loss, the urge to eliminate unwanted pounds often comes up against the wrong approach to diet or weight loss. Thus, regardless of unwavering motivation or motivation, failure tends to manifest itself as a result of bad habits that annihilate efforts at the food level. Indeed, the food is not only to monitor what we eat but also what we drink on a daily basis. Therefore, it is essential to take the right steps that will allow you to integrate water effectively into your diet. But before that, one must first understand the logic behind this reasoning, namely: Why does water  facilitate weight loss?

It gives you more energy for your workouts

During sports activity, lack of hydration can be fatal for your weight loss results. Indeed, many of us forget the importance of drinking water during exercise, at the risk of pushing the body to signal thirst when it is already too late and dehydration has already taken effect. As a study published by  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition explains  , it is when the body loses about 2% of its mass in water that physical performance deteriorates.

It allows you to differentiate hunger from thirst

Beyond its ability to provide a sense of satiety, water allows humans to make the difference between  hunger  and thirst. Indeed, it often confuses the desire to drink and the desire to eat for lack of hydration, as explained by nutritionist Jaime Mass at  Women’s Health . The symptoms associated with hunger are similar to those of thirst (tiredness, low energy, stomach that gurgles … etc.), the confusion often causes useless cravings.

It increases your energy

By increasing the supply of oxygen to the body’s cells, water allows the body to function optimally and conserve energy, as explained by Leah Kaufman, a NYU nutritionist at the  Langone Medical Center’s  Weight Management Program. . Thus, this natural and refreshing drink allows you to engage in physical activity while avoiding sedentary behaviors related to fatigue. 

It prevents you from drinking sodas or sugary drinks

Compared to soft drinks, sugary sodas and industrial juices, water helps hydrate the body in a healthy way without adding unnecessary calories. According to a  study  published by  BMC Public Health , drinking water has been associated with a decrease in the consumption of soda, which would maintain a healthy lifestyle without harmful chemical additives.

Tips for drinking more water

In an  article published  by the magazine  Prevention , several nutritionists give us their tips for drinking more water every day and give this elixir of life the status it deserves:


Add flavor

If you are bored with the taste of the water and want to enhance its flavor, some tips may be helpful, such as adding slices of lemon, cucumber or mint leaves.


Turn your water bottle into a doser

In order to track your water consumption, it is recommended to mark a few lines on your bottle in order to set goals. Thus, you will know all day long if you have drunk enough water. At 9am, you should have drunk a third of your bottle, at noon half and at 15h have finished everything.


Fill your transitions with sips of water

To make sure you drink plenty of water during the day, try to use it every time you switch between activities. By adopting this habit, you will turn drinking water into a daily reflex. So, between a phone call and a new meeting, do not forget to hydrate yourself!

Favor the sips

Instead of swallowing your glass of water in one go, take small sips to avoid   annoying bloating and optimize hydration. Drinking too much water usually has the opposite effect of what you are looking for. 


Drink water before eating

Make a habit of drinking a glass of water when you sit at the table. Ingested water will help reduce hunger and allow you to consume fewer  calories .


Find the temperature that’s right for you

To fully appreciate the benefits of your water, choose the temperature that is right for you. Ice water, warm or at room temperature, you choose what gives you the most desire! 


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