Here’s how to lose weight based on your body type

Many of you dream of having the “perfect body”. So, you can imagine that with a change of diet, a new sports program and the latest food supplements in vogue, you can finally look like your favorite celebrities. However, what you fail to take into account is that the bodies you see scrolling on your Instagram feed and those who make the cover of fashion magazines are purely spooky. Indeed, models are remodeled, edited photos and imperfections erased. This does not represent the diversity of bodies that exist in reality. Each morphology is different, it’s all about knowing, understanding and adapting to it.

how to lose weight

The human body has a great variety of shapes and heights. In general, we have a limited influence on our size, the latter being genetically programmed. And contrary to popular belief, it’s the same for our silhouette! Indeed, a good diet and physical exercises will strengthen and tone the  body , but will not turn into something completely different.

Morphology: types and shapes

First, you should know that  women  naturally have more fat than men. Indeed, these ladies have a greater amount of what are called essential fats, needed for bodily functions, especially during pregnancy. Thus,  body fat levels  for optimal health range from 25% to 30% for  women  and 15% to 20% for men.

Researcher and psychologist William Sheldon introduced the different  types  of bodies. According to him, our morphologies are divided into three classifications:

·            Ectomorphs  : These bodies are thin, slightly smaller than average and naturally have less body fat and muscle mass.

·            Mesomorphs:  This type of morphology has a sportier appearance with more muscle mass and a moderate rate of body fat.

·            Endomorphs: Rounder  and more coated, this type naturally has higher levels of body fat.

In addition to three different body types, women are generally described as having different   body shapes : hourglass, pear, apple or rectangle. Thus, you will understand that we are all differently constituted, and that to achieve a healthy and balanced weight, it is important to do it according to what nature has offered us. So, instead of focusing on a specific number of pounds to lose, or making a jean size your main obsession, it’s important to start by understanding and accepting your unique and beautiful body!

How to lose weight based on your body shape 

According to the site of  David Wolfe , author of the book  Eating for beauty  and personality to 12 million followers on social networks, it is important to choose your diet and your physical activity according to your body shape.

1) In apple

If you have this type of body, you must mainly consume vegetables and fresh fruits. Also, it is advisable to eat only whole grains of organic origin (brown rice, quinoa, oat flakes). For proteins, choose those low in fat (fish, beans, peas, nuts).

Here is a training program adapted for you: 

2) In pear

It is important that you pay close attention to your fat intake  . Also, prefer lean protein because your body tends to store fat faster than protein or carbohydrates. So, opt for a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and low-fat proteins.

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3) In rectangle

If you have this morphology, it is better to opt for a diet rich in healthy fats. Avocados, fish, nuts and other forms of lean protein will be your best allies. However, it is obviously necessary not to neglect fruits and vegetables and stick to a healthy and balanced diet.

Here is a training program adapted for you

4) Hourglass

If you have this type of body, know that all women (or almost) envy you! For you, a diet is balanced and the key to preserve the harmony of your shape and stay healthy. So, focus on fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. Also, it is advisable to avoid eating high fat meats, processed foods, sugars and caffeine.

Here is a training program adapted for you

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