Father accused of homicide after baby dies on his chest

Sudden infant death is an obsession for many parents. This story chills the blood and will surely haunt this American father for the rest of his life. It sounds innocuous but letting baby sleep on his chest can be deadly. This American father tragically paid the price by wanting to take a nap with his newborn baby. He is now being prosecuted for manslaughter. A fatal story relayed by a local branch of CBS .

A newborn is very fragile is a simple nap on a chair could be fatal for him. This 26 year old father has unfortunately witnessed the sudden death of his son. After awakening from a nap, Copney noticed that her baby’s head   had tipped over into the hollow of her armpit. The young father immediately called the emergency services. Isiah, his son was then taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, the one-month-old infant died two days later. Doctors have cited sudden infant death as the cause of death.

Mom had warned the father

Isiah’s mother, Kayla Ball, told the authorities that she warned Copney of the dangers of letting her baby sleep on his chest. She also said it was not the first time Copney had made such an odd. He apparently threw his son out of his chest as he jumped at a nightmare. But more than afraid of harm that night since Isiah landed on the bed between her two  parents . The grieving mother also said she avoided a drama one night when she woke Copney who was covering her baby’s face with her arm. When questioned by the police, the father admitted that his wife had warned him of the dangers to which he was exposing his son by making him sleep on his chest.

Father’s dangerous behavior

The city prosecutor was keen to point out the dangerous behavior of the father. “Copney had the power to change this situation. He could have put his child in a cradle or a crib. Especially since he had been warned of the dangers associated with this dangerous posture. It was really imprudent to do that, “he said. Copney was charged with manslaughter and endangering a child. He was released on bail.

What is sudden infant death?

Sudden infant death is the leading cause of death for a baby aged one month to two years, resulting in a little less than  400 deaths per year  in France according to the national survey that was conducted between 2007 and 2008. It This is the unexplained sudden death and an infant in good  health . However, there are provisions that parents can guard against to prevent this tragedy:

– The baby’s bedding must be firm

– Avoid blankets and duvets

– The baby must spend nights in bed

– Passive smoking must be banned

– The baby must sleep on his back

– The temperature should be around 18 to 19 degrees

– Babies should not be shackled with jewels around their necks

– ventilate the room where the baby sleeps as often as possible


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