Electronic cigarette kills a little baby barely a year old

The controversy surrounding the subject of the electronic cigarette is not ready to go out. Indeed, the alternative to traditional cigarettes advocated by manufacturers would have made many victims, starting with a baby barely a year in the United States. Released by our colleagues at ABC News, this death that occurred in 2014 is unfortunately part of a still relevant danger, especially in France where the e-liquid would have poisoned many children.

According to a  report  published by the WHO in 2017, regular smoking would have resulted in the loss of nearly one trillion dollars in medical expenses, hence the craze felt about the marketing of the e-cigarette. In fact, considering the estimated 7 million  people who are victims of tobacco  each year, this new gadget represents for many a safe and healthy substitute. Unfortunately, the many cases of death and intoxication in the world distort these preconceived ideas and show us that the e-cigarette is far from harmless.

A growing vaping

In recent years, many countries have sounded the alarm about the danger children face through the use of the  e-cigarette , also known as vaping. Indeed, the figures available are alarming. In the United States,  1543 cases  of children intoxicated by the e-cigarette were reported in 2013 against a total of  8269 cases  of children under 6 reported to the Apinnti-Poison Center between 2012 and 2017.

Electronic cigarette kills

In addition, France is no exception to this scourge because it would be after the United States and the United Kingdom the third largest market for electronic cigarettes. In an  article published by our colleagues in the newspaper  Les Echos , France is described as one of the major players in the transition from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, representing an extraordinary opportunity for industrial giants wanting to expand their business. market.

Faced with the growing popularity of a phenomenon still misunderstood, the danger linked to the exposure of children to toxic products leaves no one indifferent. Moreover,  France Soir reported cases of 13 intoxicated children after inhaling e-liquid, demonstrating that the  risks are indeed real.

First death linked to the e-cigarette

At the age of just one year, a baby is discovered unconscious by ambulance after ingestion of liquid nicotine. Urged to the hospital urgently, the poor child will eventually die a few hours later due to intoxication.

Electronic cigarette kills

Following this dramatic event, one of the biggest problems associated with the e-cigarette is not its toxicity to health but especially the risks it presents to children because of the appearance of liquid nicotine bottles.

Attractive colored substances

In a  report  released by the Canadian government, the risks associated with e-cigarettes are mainly related to the ingestion of nicotine liquid that accompanies them. Worrying and focused primarily on children, the numbers are far from positive. In fact, 92% of people suffering from this type of intoxication are children aged 0 to 4 years.

In view of this unfortunate observation, many voices are raised against the e-liquid and the danger it represents. As explained by our colleagues at  CNN , the risks are mainly related to the fact that liquid nicotine packaging is very attractive for young children and even  teenagers. Colorful and resembling beverages with innumerable flavors,  e-liquids  can affect children in many ways, including being ingested, inhaled, or through contact with the skin.

Unfortunately, many parents are not completely aware of the risks. According to a  study published by  Academic Pediatrics  :  “73.7% think that the only danger is related to ingestion. Only 31.2% of parents would know that dermal contact can be very dangerous. “

The  Dr. John Thompson , director of the  Center for Injury Research and Policy  issued a final warning to parents recommending to hold any chemical linked to the e-cigarette out of the reach of children.


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