Doctors explain that there are 5 reasons why you do not lose weight

Weight loss is one of the biggest worries that humans encounter during their lifetime. Thus, despite all the efforts invested, it is sometimes very difficult to eliminate stubborn pounds. Indeed, we sometimes forget that certain reasons that hinder the success of our slimming challenges are rooted in our habits, our lifestyle and in the very functioning of our organization.

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Eating habits, health problems, sleep, stress … all these factors intervene daily and prevent you from reaching your goals. If despite your many efforts, weight loss is still so difficult, here are 5 likely reasons that the famous author Peg Moline left to collect from the most famous doctors:

Inflammation of the intestinal flora

The  intestinal flora  or intestinal microbiota is a set of microorganisms located in our  intestines   and plays a key role in the digestion and protection of our body. Inflammation of the intestinal flora can be caused by an excessively fatty diet, certain medications or intense stress. Inflammation or dysregulation of the intestinal microbiota increases appetite and therefore weight gain. To regulate it, a diet rich in  prebiotics , that is to say ensuring optimal growth of microorganisms of the intestinal flora, would have the effect of restoring its equilibrium. Prebiotic elements  can be found in some fruits and vegetables such as leeks, bananas, artichokes … etc.

The stress

It is sometimes hard to believe that  stress  can have such an impact on our body, but it turns out that our sensitivity to external and disturbing stimuli can extend to the mechanism of weight gain. The  stress  increases the level of a peptide, a molecule made up of amino acid, produced by the brain. This has the effect of stimulating fat mass, especially in the abdomen. So, the first reason you can not get a flat stomach is your continued exposure to stress.


Thyroid hormones are secreted by the  thyroid , a gland located at the neck. These  hormones play an important role in the regulation of diet and energy expenditure. If you gain weight despite a healthy diet and regular exercise, then you are at risk of hypothyroidism . This condition leads to weight gain due to water retention and  constipation . Some of  the most common symptoms include fatigue, depression, memory problems, low libido and weight gain.

Long exposure to screens

When you spend a long time in front of your  television , you are exposed to a lot of food ads that stimulate the appetite and push us to eat even more. Similarly, sustained work in front of the computer generates stress that causes intellectual fatigue. The latter can be interpreted by the brain as a drop in energy caused by hunger, the brain then receives signals to eat. For this, avoid spending more than 2 hours a day in front of the television, take short breaks in the case of mental work in front of the computer and try to differentiate the need for a break from eating.

Lack of sleep

According to Matthew Walker, an English scientist and professor of neuroscience at the University of Berkeley, lack of  sleep  has the effect of reducing activity in appetite-regulating regions of the brain. Thus, the more you lack sleep, the more you seek to consume caloric foods, your brain no longer governing the choice of food appropriately. In addition, this lack of sleep also affects the  circadian rhythm  which is the alternation between waking periods and periods of sleep. The direct consequence of this alteration of the circadian rhythm is the increase of the blood sugar level. When it exceeds the norm, the  pancreas generates insulin, a hormone that has the role of assimilating glucose by the cells of our body. When it is not used by the body, it is then stored as fat. Therefore, we do not lose weight.

source : santeplusmag

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