Doctors are formal: you have to make love as often as possible

Letting yourself go to the hugging moments with your partner is not only a source of pleasure, it is a real healthy habit to make a lasting life. There are 10 benefits to having sex regularly. Let’s go to their discovery …

Decrease stress

If you are inclined to be overwhelmed by stress, the solution is all. During intercourse, the brain secretes dopamine and decreases cortisol levels that increase during stress episodes. In an article published by  nbcnews , it is emphasized that the more sex there is, the less stress there is and that a good connection to the bed makes it possible to reduce it. In addition, physical contact allows the brain to secrete oxytocin, also known as “the hormone of  happiness  ” that gives us a state of well-being. It would be wrong to deprive oneself of it.

Stimulates your immune system

According to this  study , having sex at least once a week boosts the effectiveness of your immune system. And for good reason, the increase in the presence of immunoglobulin A, a powerful antibody that fights against infections and bacteria. A pretext to yield to the sirens of temptation.

Low blood pressure

High blood pressure can be dangerous and cause cardiovascular crises. The latter can even prevent women from reaching orgasm. According to  scientists , regular sexual activity helps to reduce it.

Better sleep

Sleep-related disorders could be solved under the  duvet . According to this  study , the brain secretes prolactin after orgasm. This hormone promotes the relaxation effect for a good night’s sleep.

A better libido

As the famous saying goes: “The appetite comes with eating. “After a period of abstinence where the libido is at half mast, nothing like an intimate moment to improve his appetite. 

Improves cardiovascular health

Frequent sex improves cardiovascular health. According to this  study , there is a clear correlation between sexual activity and reduced risks associated with the cardiovascular system. People who are in bed are less likely to develop high blood pressure. Another reason not to sulk the complicit moments under the quilt.

Strengthens the pelvic muscles

The pelvic muscles responsible for controlling urine relax with age and after pregnancy. The best way to strengthen them is to have frequent sex. To combine business with pleasure!

Create intimacy

Nothing better to strengthen the couple than to have a fulfilling sex life. These are intimate and complicit moments that can contribute to a real connection between the  partners .

Protects your brain

According to this  scientific article , regular sexual activity protects cognitive functions such as memory. As reported in this publication, an in vivo study confirmed this conclusion. Having sex is a good way to boost your memory!

Burns calories

Like any physical activity, sex burns calories. This burning is estimated at 5 calories per minute. A reason to take a long time and have fun without guilt.


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