Cosmic marriage: The universe has already decided who will be your life partner

You will meet her and will have the impression to know her since always. It’s your soul-mate, the chosen being, the one the universe will have decided for you. So your soul already knows it, your instinct too. When you see it, you will feel a magnetic attraction that will seem unstoppable to you, and you will feel that you have always been connected to it. It is an inexplicable feeling that overwhelms you, the obvious truth, the undeniable destiny. The cosmic marriage therefore exists, and the prophecy of love still holds many surprises for you.

You do not know it yet, but the universe has previously selected your life partner. Whatever happens and no matter what separates you, things end up naturally set in place to bring you together forever. It’s all the magic of the universe!

 Cosmic marriage: the immutable love

To find your   ideal partner, it is usually enough to follow your instinct. Nevertheless, people are less and less connected with themselves and have more and more difficulty in trusting their intuition. Thus, we meet people and mistakenly think that they are good. It follows chaotic relationships, ex that we would like to forget and divorces for the less stormy.
However, these experiences were not put on your way by chance. They taught you who you were, what you really wanted, and what you needed to flourish. They have opened your eyes to your real personality and thanks to them, you have been able to take the necessary time to manage your pain, heal it and draw an unsuspected strength that lies dormant in you, to finally get out of it.

In fact, the universe, in all its insight, needs to mold you to teach you the most important life lessons. He prepares you, in his own way, to live this particular encounter, one that will change all your perception of things and the one with whom you will not make the same mistakes. It is the true love, the one who loves you as you are, the one that brings you security, comfort and confidence, the one with whom the connection seems millenary, deep and authentic. The lie does not exist, the promises are kept, and your union makes you stronger.

This meeting requires  wisdom  and commitment with yourselves. You must have discovered and appreciated every aspect of your personality, even the darkest of them. It is a divine bond that will unite you in peace and prosperity, you will finally be at peace and can rest on your partner because you will have the absolute certainty that this person will be there to help you and support you.

The light of love will be so strong that it will take precedence over the power of the mind. Your heart will open to this person without you asking a question, you will see it, you will feel it. This is the ultimate union where everything will seem to flow and the quintessence of all this time spent searching for love.

The red thread of fate, this unwavering link

Have you ever heard of the thread of fate? According to ancient Chinese and Japanese beliefs,   human relationships are linked by an invisible red thread that the gods would tie to the little fingers of each person. Legend has it that people connected by this thread will live a memorable story regardless of the moment, the circumstances or the distance between them. This thread can be knotted, tangled or stretched without ever breaking.

Even though the path to your soulmate seems rocky, it’s worth the trip because it defies everything you thought you knew about love.


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