Astrology: 3 male zodiac signs that are very bad partners to be in a relationship

All men do not have close ties to romanticism, and not everyone knows that loving one’s partner is not enough, but also respecting and proving that one’s life is important . This category of men would, according to astrologers, have many chances of being represented by some specific signs of the zodiac.

signs of the zodiac

If you think that all men have the same approach to the couple, you can get ready now to question your ideas about the issue. Thus, as some are capable of the better, others are obviously capable of the worst. In other words, break a woman’s heart, make her suffer, take away her desire to engage in a relationship or offer her heart to someone.

The personality, the entourage and the education of an individual, you guessed it, are crucial elements concerning the type of partner or husband that the man in question will do in the future. Astrologers, on the other hand, support this view by saying that certain signs of the  zodiac  have a rather negative and direct impact on the behavior displayed by a man in a couple. There are three of them!

  1. Taurus

Although it may seem somewhat paradoxical, this sign is clearly torn between his aversion to deception and his attraction to the opposite sex. It is this tightness that will cause Taurus to think and consider more than once to frolic a little to the right on the left, but will not generally let it go beyond the stage of mere visual contact or flirtation. This can be more than enough to cause sadness and suffering to the woman who shares her life and who expects him to be a more honest and dedicated man.

His anger will often push him to raise his voice or even literally scream after his wife. Certainly, he will realize his mistake, but that will not teach him to control himself to prevent such a thing happens again, a very slight consolation for a heart that  suffers .

  1. Virgin

This must surely come from his love for excellence and perfectionism, but the Virgin man has an unfortunate tendency to always want to embody what is best. He is so determined to pursue this plan, that he can even afford to hurt others and belittle them in public to impress the gallery and look interesting, funny or correct. In a couple, a similar attitude has no place at all and can cause interminable conflicts within the latter.

It is for this reason that a man born under this sign should make his life with a woman with a certain strength of character and a minimum of emotional robustness rather than with someone sensitive.

  1. Capricorn

The practical spirit of Capricorn can really play tricks on him, even in the life of a couple. He will therefore tend to see some gifts as superfluous and completely useless. He can even use a very rational reasoning in contexts where only the heart should have a say. Romanticism is then clearly not strong, which means that the woman who will be with such a  partner should  rather not show too much attachment to this kind of thing and not take too much to heart the gifts to only sentimental value.

The problem with this type of relationship is that the blossoming can quickly disappear and give way to the routine and the monotony, knowing that a partner who thinks that one is not really interested in him will have every reason to leave the ship instead of suffering in silence.


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