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An old lemon remedy to cleanse your colon and remove toxins from your body

The proper functioning of the colon is of paramount importance and essential because it is one of the organ organs that allow the elimination of waste. In this article, you will discover how to prepare the ultimate colon cleanser at home. Natural and full of nutrients and health benefits, this juice detox will help you clean your intestines and your colon to feel better.

Today, people often suffer from common health problems related to the digestive system and its functions, such as intestinal disorders,  chronic constipation …

The role of the colon is of vital importance to overall health because it eliminates body waste and cleans up toxins that threaten health. A healthy diet is good for your health in general, but a high fiber diet, including many fruits and vegetables, is essential for colon health. A healthy colon will rid your body of leftovers that it no longer needs. Your stools are a waste set, so it’s important to eliminate them from your body.

To improve its function, you must clean all accumulated waste and hazardous chemicals. The following homemade recipe is 100% natural and simple and has impressive effects on the health of the colon. It contains ingredients rich in essential nutrients, including sea salt, lemon, apples and ginger.

The benefits of detox juice

Many  studies  have shown that consuming just one apple a day dramatically reduces the need for prescription medications, while ginger stimulates the colon and  prevents  colon cancer, reducing stomach bloating and eliminating waste. toxins.

On the other hand, lemon is rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant is one of the best detoxification tools you can use. In addition, according to a  study  conducted by the  British Dietetic Association,  lemon is excellent at removing fat and contributing to weight loss. 

Sea salt, on the other hand,  facilitates the cleansing of the colon , detoxifies and renews the body’s energies,  especially in children. It also speeds up the regeneration process of cells, especially those damaged by diseases such as cirrhosis. It also helps eliminate excess water accumulated in the abdomen resulting from the disease.

How to prepare this drink? 

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You will only need 5 minutes to prepare this remedy.


  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • ½ teaspoon of sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon of ginger juice
  • ½ cup of organic apple juice 
  • ½ cup purified warm water

Method of preparation

Pour the filtered water into a saucepan and heat it, but do not boil it. Pour it into a glass, add the sea salt and stir well. Then add ginger, lemon and apple juice, stir well and drink immediately.

Use and warning

At first, drink this remedy three times a day, a dose in the morning, before breakfast, before lunch and around 18 hours in the evening. Make sure to drink plenty of water during this treatment, at least 8 glasses a day.

In case of pregnancy, allergy or any other illness, or if you are taking prescription medication, you should consult your doctor before starting this colon cleansing procedure. Lemon, ginger and only one can interact with other drugs and cause more or less serious problems on your health. 

This detox juice should not be consumed in the case of diabetes, or in case of ulcer or heartburn, kidney or bile disorders, and if you are a stunted person or hypertensive. 

You can do this colon cleansing method once a week. In this way, you will  speed up your metabolism , facilitate digestion and detoxify your body.

It is imperative to consult your doctor before starting a detox cure. 


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