All you need is a single lemon to clean your gas stove and make it look like new

Cleaning a gas stove is an art in itself, it’s complicated, it’s tiring, it’s long, and with all the chemical cleaners you use, it’s not very environmentally friendly. Fortunately, there is a natural and healthy alternative, to restore shine and shine to your stove, and clean your house: it’s lemon! Say goodbye to household products that are dangerous to your health, and discover easy methods for maintaining your home.

single lemon to clean your gas stove

In addition to its health benefits, lemon is a citrus to do everything. Not only is it an amazing food that will protect you and prevent disease, but it is a natural and effective cleaning agent that will accompany you to maintain your home. Because of its high citric acid content, lemon  eliminates bacteria and microbes  and can even get  rid of stains .

Lemon to clean your gas stove …

Clean the grids

  • Place the grates in a zipper bag. Make sure they are completely covered.
  • Fill the bag with warm water and lemon juice and leave on for about 30 to 60 minutes (depending on the level of dirt).
  • Remove the grids from the bags and rub them with an abrasive sponge until all  stains have been removed . Be sure to clean the corners.
  • Rinse the grates under running water.

Clean the burners

You can also use the same method to clean the stove burners. Dip them in lemon juice mixed with hot water for 30 minutes. Then rinse with clean water after gently rubbing with an abrasive sponge. Let them dry well before putting them back on the stove.

You can also scrub the burners with half a lemon without soaking them in the juice.

Clean the surface of the gas stove

Pour a few drops of lemon juice onto the surface of the cooker and leave on for 30 to 60 minutes. Then rub it with a sponge. And voila !

If the surface of your gas stove is not very dirty, do a quick cleaning by rubbing the top with half a lemon.

…But not only !

The copper pans

Clean the copper pans with lemon. Cut it in half, soak in salt and clean the stains of the pans. This same mixture of lemon juice and salt, moreover, can also be used to clean coffee makers, microwaves and food storage containers. Lemon is known for its  antibacterial and antimicrobial properties , so it is convenient for  disinfecting your home .

The faucets

You can use the other half of this cut lemon to clean and  shine the faucets  on your sink, washbasin, shower and tub. Rub the cut lemon directly onto the faucets until the dirt and whitish residues of the limestone.

The dish-washer

Does your dishwasher have an unpleasant odor? Do not worry, put half a lemon inside the dishwasher (block it in the glasses compartment if you want) and start your usual washing. Admire the result at the end of the cycle!

The shower walls

It is easy to reduce hard water deposits with lemon juice. Simply cut a lemon in half and rub it on the glass shower walls to eliminate grime and limescale build up and then rinse with warm water. They will be clean as ever.

Copper, brass and aluminum

Simply cut a lemon in half and sprinkle half of a generous amount of sea salt. Use as a scouring pad for shining copper, brass or aluminum surfaces. It’s magic !

Cheese grater

We all love this  delicious gratin  Dauphinois cheese that we ate for dinner, but we hate the moment when we are forced to clean the cheese grater. Do not panic, the lemon is to the rescue! Rub half a lemon on the rasp to remove any sticky residue. Then proceed to normal washing.


Use lemon juice freshly squeezed to  keep ants away . Spray it on the wood floor, cracks in the walls, the entrance to the house, and window sills. The smell of lemon will act as a repellent and repel ants. Once these do not invade your home, wash the affected areas with lemon water.

source : santeplusmag


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