Health + Magazine's mission is to disseminate information in the field of health
and well-being. The information provided in this magazine is intended to improve and not
replace the relationship between the magazine reader and his doctor. The use of
plants with a therapeutic aim can not in any case be substituted for or added to a treatment
medical procedure without the advice of a doctor. Unless otherwise stated, our advice is not intended for
children, or those who are vulnerable to ongoing illness, or to pregnant or
breastfeeding. Choose quality plants and brands, preferably organic or guaranteed
without phytosanitary products with good traceability. Always check the plant by its
Botanical name, genus and species in Latin. Example: Roman chamomile designated
by Chamaemelum nobile. To reduce the problem of plant falsification
medicinal products, avoid buying them from companies that are not well established. Run away
consistently low prices compared to the market. Always keep a
mind that drugs and plants can interact. the advice given here by the
Authors do not replace a consultation with a physician or other health practitioner.