A woman loses her 5 toes after doing a fish pedicure and asks everyone not to do the same thing

Fish pedicures have been very popular over the last five years. This pedicure is to let nibble dead skin by the ruffa garra called “fish doctors”. Result: soft and smooth feet as after a treatment at the beautician. Unfortunately, after having used this type of pedicure, a woman suffered an infection that led to the amputation of her five toes. A story relayed by the Daily Mail that chills our blood.

We are far from believing that we could risk an infection by doing a simple pedicure. Yet, an Australian on vacation in Thailand lost her five toes using fish pedicures. This care implies that it is “doctor fish” that remove dead skin from the feet. The young woman had already had a portion of her big toe cut in 2006 because of a bone infection.

The 21-year-old Australian did not suspect that the rest of her toes would be amputated because of a simple fish pedicure. “Doctor fish” are freshwater fish that feed on dead skin that can be found in the  feet . A boon, therefore, for those who wish to carry out a cleansing natural foot care.

A pedicure that cost him dearly

“When I was in Thailand, I decided to test the fish spa. I had no idea something was going to happen to me by noticing the cleanliness of the place, “she says. Yet when she returned, she began to experience unpleasant symptoms. Doctors took a year to make a diagnosis. The young woman had osteomyelitis, a rare bone infection caused by a germ.

But there have been other infections

She testifies: “I ended up having another big toe infection, a diagnosis that doctors took a year to establish. During this time my big toe was completely eaten away and I suffered severe pains “It turned out that the water of the spa spa penetrated the already infected toe.

A year later, his big toe was completely amputated. A relief for the young woman who thought the infection would stop there. But it was not without counting another infection that will lead to further amputation, since a year later, doctors discovered another infection and decided to amputate another toe to keep only three.

His infection caused him symptoms such as vomiting and fever. His podiatrist then asked for additional examinations and they were final. He then had to be  amputated  the remaining three toes. His little toe was removed because he was under too much pressure while walking and was also infected.

What is osteomyelitis and what are its symptoms?

According to  Doctissimo , this is a severe infection of a bone following a staph that has entered the body through the blood. Other organisms can also cause osteomyelitis such as streptococci or salmonella.

The symptoms associated with this infection are a high fever with severe pain and often the disability of the affected limb becomes almost total.

When antibiotic treatment is given early, healing can be seen fairly quickly.


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