A delicious remedy for prunes to drink every morning to eliminate fat stored in the belly

If there is something really nightmarish about weight loss, it is abdominal fat. Particularly tough, it is a major challenge during the thinning process, so it is hammered with abdominal exercises and herbal teas. Thus, we happen to miss some very effective natural recipes to find the line!

The recipe in question is a cocktail that includes the best slimming foods to keep the line while maintaining a very good state of health.


The  prune is low calorie while having a sweet taste. Thus, most of the energy it brings to the body is of carbohydrate origin without containing lipids. With its low glycemic index, it is one of the dry fruits recommended by weight loss experts  . It is also rich in soluble and insoluble fiber, which helps regulate transit while providing a feeling of satiety and avoid snacking between meals.

Oat flakes:

The  flaked oats are undeniable champion in insoluble fiber: a grade of 8.4 g to a value of 100 g. It allows to improve the transit and to offer a feeling of satiety. As a result, you’ll be able to easily hold until noon without snacking – it also contains beta-glucan, a fiber that helps fight  cholesterolin addition to limiting insulin production and absorption of carbohydrates by the intestines. It is therefore a food of choice for breakfast.

Flax seeds :

The  flax seeds are a super nutrient because they contain three components: the omega-3, fiber and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Omega-3 promotes the destocking of lipids, helps regulate the level of cholesterol present in the blood and blood pressure. Soluble fiber, on the other hand, allows the elimination of excess fats, the regulation of transit and blood sugar and acts as an appetite suppressant.

The antioxidant content, vitamins and minerals of these seeds helps fight against the oxidation of cells and by the same process, reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Cocoa :

The cocoa has always had an unhealthy reputation for its effect on the body because it augmenteraitle bad cholesterol. Do not worry, it’s totally wrong! Cocoa from a good dark chocolate contains antioxidants that promote good cholesterol and even lower LDL cholesterol. In addition, it contains a large number of antioxidants including catechins and flavonoids that act against  aging cells of the body. These, together with the copper content of cocoa also have an anti-inflammatory effect and can fight against rheumatism, arthritis and even bronchitis. 

That’s not all, its antioxidant action mixed with its calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamin B content allows to lower the level of blood pressure.


The  Kefir is a drink made by fermenting kefir grains in milk or fruit juice. It has the effect of restoring the intestinal flora, improving transit and relieving stomach ulcers. In addition, it contains vitamin B, folic acid and proteins essential for good health. Moreover, it helps to strengthen the immune system and remedy health problems related to cholesterol. For this recipe, choose fruit kefir.

There is no doubt that with such a concentration of nutritious foods, you will be able to get rid of your abdominal fat while maintaining optimal health.

For this recipe, you need:

· Six prunes

· Two tablespoons of oatmeal

· A tablespoon of flax seeds

· A tablespoon of cocoa

· 300 ml of fruit kefir

· Some water


Macerate the prunes in 100 ml of boiling water and let it swell for 10 minutes. In a bowl, combine oatmeal, flaxseed, cocoa and kefir. Finely chop the prunes and add them to the mixture. Let stand overnight to drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

After a month of regular consumption, you will find that your waistline and weight are down. Finally, your abdominal fat will be a bad memory.

Warnings :

This recipe is prohibited in case of bowel obstruction or people with bowel diverticula: indeed these seeds can penetrate the small excavations and cause inflammation.It is also contraindicated in case of diseases related to the thyroid. This recipe, containing kefir, should not be taken 2 hours before or after taking medication. 

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