9 perfect sex positions when you do not have enough time

No time does not mean no pleasure, and sometimes the best sex can be fast sex. Although many are ardent advocates of long sessions of love and intimacy, “express sex” is no less enjoyable. Otherwise called “quickie”, fast sex has unfortunately sometimes bad press. However, it is enough to be creative to make the most of the limited time available.

perfect sex positions

To help you, here are 9 sexual positions for a moment of the most sensual.

In fact, the main difference between relatively long sex and a “quickie” lies in the time given to foreplay. When you are in a hurry it is clear that you can not spend long minutes stimulating each other. However, it is usually for  women  that it seems complicated because they need stimulation before their vulva is engorged and therefore fully prepared for penetration. Nevertheless, know ladies that it is not impossible to maximize your enjoyment, even when you do not have enough time.

Some actions to adopt before a “quickie”

·         Use a lubricant:  This is undeniably the key to having an orgasm  during a “quickie”. Indeed, if you do not use lubricant, you may not secrete enough cyprine to lubricate naturally, which can lead to vaginal dryness and painful intercourse.
·         Use accessories:  In the absence of preliminary, do not hesitate to integrate accessories during your report with your partner. A vibrator for example, will stimulate you and increase your chances of reaching the 7th heaven.

·         Fantasize:  Do not hesitate to associate your moments of “express sex” with a kind of psychological stimulation. This will make things even more exciting for you.

9 sexual positions to adopt for a “quickie”

1) The quick fix

Place yourself in front of your partner and tilt your upper body forward, you can lean on a piece of furniture or you fully arch and touch your knees. So, sir can penetrate you while stimulating your clitoris.

2) The ballet dancer

Stand up, stand in front of your partner and wrap one of your legs around her buttocks or thigh. With this position you can use your leg to pull it towards you. So tighten your thigh around his waist and block your hands behind his neck. Thus, promiscuity and friction will be most enjoyable.

3) The heir to the throne

You will not have anything to do except sit on a chair, a counter, a bench … whatever! And enjoy the moment. This is your moment, so close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the  pleasure .

4) The elevator

Kneel in front of your partner and make him a blowjob. This time, it is Mr. who enjoys the joys of oral sex. That said, after enjoying, he can always return the favor!

5) The hot chair

Ask your partner to sit down and sit between his legs, back against him. With this position, you control the rate and angle of penetration by arching your way. A position of the most practical to realize wherever you are for maximum pleasure!

6) A staircase to paradise

Ask your partner to sit at the landing of a staircase and sit between her thighs. You can cling to the stair bar to allow your two bodies to be perfectly nested.

7) The chef

Variation of the ballet dancer, this position is perfect when your partner surprises you with an impromptu desire. The countertop of the kitchen or any other raised surface will do the job.

8) The reverse cowgirl

Ask your partner to lie down and stand over him with his back to him. You can ride your partner while making movements of friction and back and forth. So, this will stimulate your clitoris and sir will have an unobstructed view of your curves.

9) The twist and shout

Lie on a bed or any surface up and turn your legs to one side. Your partner will stand in front of you standing or kneeling according to your height. Keeping your legs tight will bring you pleasure and stimulation guaranteed.



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