9 Favorite Lemon Tips from Doctors

Rare are the fruits that have as many virtues as lemon. Very popular at the moment for its possible slimming properties, this citrus fruit has multiple health benefits.

Lemon Tips from Doctors

We have selected for you the 9 favorite lemon tips of Ayurvedic doctors and nathuropaths. We meet some professionals and compile their favorite tips.

The 9 benefits of organic lemon juice

1. It will beautify your skin

Lemon juice is rich in  vitamin C , an active ingredient that is very good for the health of the  skin . Indeed, vitamin C helps to make the complexion brighter, to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and to produce more collagen.

In addition, the acidity of lemon has an exfoliating action   to reduce the appearance of blackheads and eradicate them.

Prepare a mask with sugar and lemon juice, apply it on your face. Leave it for at least 15 minutes before rinsing. Do this every night and you will see a big difference after only a few days (Dr. David Alesi)

2. It will eliminate your acne pimples

Dermatologist  Nina Roos  reports that lemon juice can alleviate acne problems. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, this fruit acts effectively against bacteria preventing the formation of acne pimples and decreasing inflammation of existing pimples.

Put lemon juice on a wipe and carefully apply it to the parts where you have pimples. Do this every other day before sleep and you will see your skin gradually beautify. (Dr. Sarah Ly)

3. It will whiten your armpits

Thanks to its   antibacterial action , the lemon citric acid will have a positive impact on your dark or stained armpits  . The lemon will make them look natural by brightening them. Mix two tablespoons of ground oats with a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice. Apply the lotion on your armpits every day. (Dr. Michelle Cohen)

4. It will hydrate your lips

Lemon removes dead  skin cells  and moisturizes the skin. This fruit is a natural exfoliant perfect for   chapped lips . Put some lemon juice on your lips in the evening before going to bed and you will have softer lips. This method is to be applied every day. However, if your lips are too chapped, it is better to avoid this application since the acidity of lemon juice can hurt you and aggravate their irritation. (Dr. David Alesi)

5. He will take care of your nails

Rich in   essential nutrients for the good health of the nails, the lemon must be integrated without further delay in your beauty routine. Containing copper and iron, this fruit accelerates the regrowth of the nail. These  antioxidants  help  strengthen  the nails. Apply lemon juice to your nails and let stand 15 minutes before rinsing. (Dr. Michelle Cohen)

6. It will brighten your hair

Lemon juice can also be very effective at  lightening  your hair naturally. Its citric acid helps give your hair a lighter appearance. You have to apply lemon juice on some locks or all your hair according to your expectations, then keep it for an hour then rinse with cold water. Be careful, do not expose yourself to the sun as this may damage your hair. (Dr. Nikolaj Tardy)

7. It will give you a good breath

Lemon helps fight  bad  breath . An accumulation of bacteria in the mouth can give rise to foul smells. Fortunately, the antibacterial action of this citrus fruit acts effectively against these inconveniences. Brush your teeth with baking soda and lemon juice for just a few seconds. You will see the results very quickly. Do not forget to rinse your mouth just after brushing so as not to damage the enamel of your teeth. (Dr. Bill Robinson)

8. He will treat your mouth ulcers

To eliminate your  canker sores , lemon acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. Containing strong organic acids, it reduces  inflammation  and pain. Put lemon juice on your mouth ulcers three times a day will allow you to treat them in a few times. (Dr. Bill Robinson)

9. It will lessen your sore throat

It is one of the most famous home remedies to relieve  sore  throats. Thanks to its  antseptic  and anti-inflammatory properties, lemon decreases pain related to irritation of the throat or sore throats. Put lemon juice in a glass of hot water and drink this syrup three times a day. (Dr. Nikolaj Tardy)


– Lemon is not recommended in case of bile or gastric disorders, in case of ulcers or heartburn.

– It is also not recommended to expose yourself to the sun after applying lemon juice, because of its photosensitizing effect on the skin.

source : santeplusmag


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