8 reasons to consume lemon zest that 99% of people do not know

Lemon is probably the most popular citrus fruit in terms of health benefits, but what do you do with lemon peels? Are you throwing them away? If so, stop this habit right away! You must know that lemon zest combines both delicious taste and wonderful health benefits, including the reduction of bad cholesterol, the elimination of toxins and much more …

consume lemon zest

The  zest  of lemon contains a list of vitamins, minerals and fiber such as calcium, potassium and vitamin C, which give the body a nutritional boost. Here are the benefits of this citrus fruit:

Lemon peel and bad cholesterol

A   joint study by the US Department of Agriculture and  KGK Synergize , has identified a class of compounds called flavonoids from citrus peels that has shown promise in animal studies as a powerful and natural alternative for lowering cholesterol LDL or bad cholesterol.

Lemon peel and elimination of toxins

The body is very effective at removing   harmful toxins such as alcohol, bacteria or chemicals resulting from pollution, etc. The  liver  is one of the main body filtration systems because it helps cleanse and purify the blood. However, toxins sometimes accumulate and this organ is unable to perform its functions optimally. To remedy this, lemon can stimulate its action, facilitating digestion and elimination of waste.

8 other wonderful benefits of lemon zest.

1. Joint pain

According to a  study  published by the scientific journal  Plos One , the lemon peel contains essential oils with considerable anti-inflammatory action. These would include  dilate  the blood vessels and reduce joint pain when the zest of citrus is applied poultice.

2. Stimulates the immune system

Rich in vitamins, minerals and bioflavonoids,  lemon  is an undeniable health ally and its benefits are not limited to its flesh. Indeed, the zest of the citrus fruit contains calcium beneficial to the bones, blood potassium favorable to blood pressure, and mainly vitamin C (129 mg per 100g of zest) with powerful antioxidant action to protect the DNA of the lemon action of free radicals.

3. Stress reduction

According to an  article  in Business Insider magazine  , the aroma of citrus fruit is a major stress reducer. In a  study  where subjects were exposed to the scent of a Japanese citrus fruit for ten minutes, scientists found a significant decrease in anxiety, depression and anger among participants.

4. Oral hygiene

If you want to have a bright smile of whiteness and healthier teeth, nothing like lemon zest! Indeed, the bark  of this citrus is an alternative much less aggressive than its juice when in direct contact with your teeth. Thus, you will achieve the desired effects without leaving your health.

5. Weight loss

Thanks to their pectin content  , lemon zest   promotes weight loss and a feeling of prolonged satiety. Indeed, these soluble fibers tend to create a viscous gel when they are in contact with water and thus fill a void in the stomach that gives you the impression of being full.

6. Cardiovascular health

You can keep your heart healthy by consuming lemon peels. They have high levels of  potassium , an essential mineral to maintain a  healthy blood pressure  . Also, their  vitamin C  and fiber content would reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

7. The health of the skin

Want to keep skin looking young and fight acne? Apply   lemon zest to your  skin  and you will have a radiant complexion. To know that it is essential not to expose you to the sun because of the photosensitizing effect of lemon.

8. Liver health

According to the results of an   in vivo study published by  The European Journal of Nutrition , pectin found in zest and lemon peel could regulate the action of the liver and act on excess cholesterol. According to the researchers, this action is not only dependent on pectin, but could well result from the presence of other equally beneficial components.

You know everything now, do not throw away lemon peels anymore! Do not hesitate to add them to your salads or smoothies.

source : santeplusmag


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