7 signs that your partner is sleeping with someone else

Today, infidelity has unfortunately become commonplace. In France, a third of women have already cheated on their partner in their lifetime and nearly half of the men have already been unfaithful. In our society, this practice has gone beyond the specter of reality, transforming itself into a widespread trend. It is therefore not surprising to find that nearly 45% of marriages end in divorce, mainly because of infidelity. However, deception is a troubled territory and can mean different things to different people. To help you see more clearly, here are 7 signs that should put you in the ear.

your partner is sleeping with someone else

Being cheated is one of the most painful and devastating experiences that can exist. Indeed, when one of the partners betrays the trust of the other, the latter finds himself emotionally tortured and humiliated. This traumatic event led to a range of symptoms that  professionals of the  health mental call “post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Thus, in the same way as people who have suffered physical and / or emotional trauma, the deceived spouse feels disoriented and confused by what has happened. A  study published in the   Journal of Social Personal Relationships  found that attributing blame had an impact on the physical and emotional well-being of the person being betrayed. 
Dr. Rosie Shrout, head of study and professor at the University of Nevada explained to fellow  Psypost “We wanted to know whether the perception of blame played a role in psychological distress and health risk behaviors … As expected, those who experienced greater emotional and psychological distress after being misled had adopted more risky behaviors. As a result, they were more likely to be poorly nourished, to consume alcohol or marijuana, or to have sex under the influence of illicit substances. ” 
Although far from us to encourage you to exercise heightened suspicion, here are 7 signs of infidelity that you should still be careful.

7 signs not to be neglected

1) He often works late at night

It’s quite normal to have to work late from time to time, especially if your spouse is in a senior position. However, if it becomes a habit and you do not see any significant increase in income, it could mean that he is seeing someone else.

2) He is less inclined to physical closeness

Sometimes your partner feels a drop in sex drive. A fluctuating libido that can be explained by several factors such as stress, diet or lack of physical activity. However, if your spouse does not show you any sign of desire, you should seek to know more.

3) He never answers your calls or messages

If your  partner is taped to his phone but it takes forever to answer if you’re the one who asks, it should put you in the ear. In addition, if his blood is only one turn as soon as you approach a little too much of his best digital friend, it is because your darling (e) has things to hide.

4) He goes in the shower just returned home

We all appreciate the feeling of the water flowing over our body after a long day of work. Nevertheless, if the first thing your partner does when you return is to go take a shower before you even say good night, it may be that he may need to get rid of odors and other incriminating evidence.

5) He takes more and more care of him

Of course you want your partner to be beautiful and pay attention to his appearance. However, if your spouse develops a sudden obsession with his image and has discovered a passion for beauty products and other body care, it may mean that he may need to please someone else.

6) It makes you too many gifts for no reason

All women like to be spoiled by their partner and dream that he shows little care for no reason. But do not forget that a person who covers you with material things is someone who might try to hide his guilt. Infidelity is a monster that sometimes fails to silence the conscience.

7) He tries new positions in bed

If after you have completely ignored and shown a condescending disinterest, your partner suddenly finds his libido and that it is accompanied by a desire to try new positions that do not match the way he made you love, that might mean that he reproduces techniques he practiced with someone else.

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