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7 signs that you have too much blood sugar and this can make you sick

Following a meal, because of an illness or in a stressful situation, our blood sugar level may increase. Although in the short term this excess of sugar in the blood is not dangerous, chronically it is an insulin disorder and diabetes that can lead to complications such as insufficiency. kidney, blindness or elevation of acidity in the blood. It is therefore important to identify the signs of high blood glucose at the earliest.

As explained by the French Federation of Diabetics, hyperglycemia is  illustrated by an abnormal increase in blood sugar. Hyperglycemia is when the blood sugar level is above 2.50 g / l. In general, the symptoms of this pathology may go unnoticed. Thus, to help you locate them, Self magazine  , in collaboration with experts, lists the warning signs of too high blood glucose: 

  1. Tiredness 

Unhealthy lifestyle or some other  diseases , fatigue is one of the symptoms of hyperglycemia but also a lack of blood sugar, says Dr. Deena Adimoolam, American endocrinologist. As soon as the fatigue does not fade after rest, you should worry and look for the potential causes of this asthenia with a blood test. 

  1. The thirst

Since blood glucose levels affect our need to urinate, it is normal to be more thirsty than usual, according to Dr. Adimoolam. Thus, when one suffers from a high glycemic rate, we feel a sensation of intense thirst.

  1. Frequent urination

In view of the excess glucose the body faces, the functioning of the kidneys is turned upside down. Indeed, it will be more difficult to filter the liquids and will push you to go to urinate more often.


  1. Vision disorders

Changes in blood  sugar  levels can cause vision problems and dizziness. Thus, in case of blood glucose levels that are too high (or too low), the view becomes cloudy, fuzzy and can split. Similarly, it is possible to see spots in the field of view.

  1. Headaches 

A frequent sign of hyperglycemia, headaches can also be linked to other conditions. Be sure to determine if it is a migraine , if you have other associated symptoms and if these headaches are chronic.

  1. The healing time 

One of the complications of  chronic hyperglycemia  is that the healing time increases. The wounds heal less quickly and become open doors to infections. This is because the blood vessels are damaged by this excess glucose.

  1. appetite

Symptoms of hyperglycemia include increased hunger. Although there is an excess of glucose in the blood, the  cells are not fed because of insulin deficiency. This phenomenon then causes a feeling of hunger. 

In conclusion, if you find one or more of these warning signs of hyperglycemia and diabetes, do not hesitate to go to your doctor to make a blood test, which will allow you to know if it is hyperglycemia and / or underlying disease.


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