19 incredible uses of lemon you would have liked to know earlier

Although its reputation is mainly derived from its action on health, lemon is a citrus fruit with perfectly exploitable benefits in care and home use. With this list of its many uses, you will have the pleasure of discovering a versatile fruit that you will not be able to do without!

incredible uses of lemon

The uses that we present you will make lemon an indispensable food in your list of race. Follow us in this deciphering of his many virtues.

1. Clean your cutting board

The  lemon has antibacterial and antiseptic powers; rub half a lemon on your cutting board to get rid of its bacterial residues. In addition its scent will also clear strong smells like garlic.

2. Get rid of the odors of the trash

There is no more embarrassing in a kitchen than the smell  of waste. The  peels  of citrus fruits are effective in this case. Make sure that the lemon peel is dry, then put it in the bottom of the bin, it will avoid the dispersion of odors in the house.

3. An anti-dandruff treatment

The  lemon  is effective against dandruff for two good reasons: it has primarily an astringent, it tightens the scalp cells and thus prevents production of dandruff. It also helps relieve  itching related to the presence of fungi in the scalp and can cause dandruff. Apply lemon juice once or twice a week, wash with  shampoo  afterwards.

4. Prevention of kidney stones

The  lemon  contains citric acid which would prevent the appearance of kidney stones by increasing the alkalinity of the pH of the urine. Include a glass of lemon water in your morning routine for optimal functioning of your  kidneys .

5. For good health of the nails

The  lemon  is antiseptic in addition to having an anti yellowing effect will keep your nails healthy, less brittle and less yellow.

6. Soften brown sugar

If your  brown sugar  hardens and changes consistency, put a whole lemon in your bag and let it work until you notice a difference in texture.

7. Keep your lawyer fresh

By seasoning your  avocado  with lemon juice, you’ll be able to slow down the oxidation process through the lemon action on the enzymes responsible for browning your fruit.

8. Clear up old age tasks

Thanks to the presence of citric acid,  lemon  has detergent and depigmenting properties. Why it is effective against old age tasks. Apply a few drops of lemon juice with a cotton swab on the stains, this will have the merit of lightening them.

9. Revive wilted salads

Here’s a new   anti-waste trick ! Dip your salad in a bowl of cold water with lemon juice, put it in the fridge, it will come out any crisp.

10. A cure for fever

According to an  article  published by  The International Research Journal of Pharmacy , drinking lemon juice would help cure your fever in case of colds or viral infections.

11. Wash your fruits and vegetables

If you do not have the capacity to buy organic food, clean your fruits and  vegetables  with 90% water and 10% lemon juice would be the ideal tip for cleaning pesticides.

12. Clear skin

The  lemon  is a nice option to get rid of your blackheads. Apply with a cotton swab of lemon juice on the areas in question, repeat each evening for more efficiency.

13. A cleaning aid

If you have silverware or steel or stainless steel objects, simply dip them in a volume of lemon  juice  mixed with 5 volumes of water.

14. Clean the plastic boxes

To avoid the odors that these boxes can release in addition to their tendency to stain, you can clean them with  lemon .

15. A remedy against plantar warts

By macerating   minced lemon peel for 48 hours in white vinegar, you will obtain a preparation that you can apply on your wart to let act during the night.

16. For a better detergent

For a   bright cloth , put lemon wedges in a cloth pouch and throw them directly into the drum of the machine.

17. Get rid of mold stains

For this, apply 50 cl of lemon  juice  mixed with a teaspoon of salt, rub the fabric in question with and let it work.

18. Clean rust stains

Just lemon  juice  (green) and salt, apply the mixture to the task and it is set. Do not use this trick for marble as it may damage it.

19. Clean your microwave

Put some lemon  juice  to heat in your microwave. This will help you remove the residues by softening them.

Warnings :

Lemon has a photosensitizing action and should not be applied to the skin before exposure to the sun. Be sure to always apply your care in the evening and rinse well before going out.

source : santeplusmag

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