15 mistakes men make when they make love

Complicity and happiness in a couple must also be felt in intimacy and in the bedroom. It is therefore necessary that everyone puts his own to understand and take into consideration the needs and expectations of the other. But sometimes things go wrong and when they do, the woman can be held responsible. However, there are flagrant mistakes that many men commit and that can ruin any moment of pleasure.

  1. Never prepare a romantic evening

Women are likely to appreciate romanticism in different forms. While you do not have to make it a habit, setting up a romantic mood from time to time will always be seen as a great idea and as a proof of love by your sweetheart!

  1. Neglecting the importance of foreplay

Preliminaries are an important step in every intercourse as it is what prepares you and your partner for it. Also keep in mind that a woman is very fond of these first steps in love because it makes her feel comfortable while raising the temperature.

  1. Do things hastily 

It is important not to confuse excitement and haste, the fact of being in a hurry will not be really seen by your half, on the contrary, she will see that as a lack of consideration vis-à-vis her.

  1. Do not observe body language

Many women maintain a certain shyness in bed, so do not forget that the body of a  woman speaks to you in these moments, then it is up to you to understand it.

  1. Do not make any noise

It is usually very popular to make noise, moan and make the excitement audible. Do not deprive your wife!

  1. Do not be attentive

Communication and mutual understanding also have their place in the bed, so it is always good to listen to your partner and tell them what you want but in a reasonable and concise way.

  1. To retire much too early

For some obscure reason, many men believe that when they reach orgasm, this is also the case for their partner, while this is rarely the case! This is clearly one of the worst mistakes to make.

  1. Do not take into account his body sensibility

The body of a woman is sensitive and must be treated with delicacy, even if you want to speed up the pace, do things reasonably.

  1. Neglect the erogenous zones

Those who do not understand that all areas of the female body are not equal when it comes to making love, are numerous. Do not be part of it and pay attention to these sensitive places!

  1. Too much going into experimentation

There are many women who like to try new things in bed with their darling, but keep in mind that doing too much can make  sex tedious and unpleasant!

  1. Kiss with nonchalance 

The kiss is an act that must be done with love and passion, to do it for a long time but in a very soft way will certainly not make him happy.

  1. Believe that the body of a woman and that of a man are the same

If you want your sex to always be enjoyable, take into account that your darling’s body needs something different from yours.

  1. To be authoritarian

The secret of happiness lies in complicity, and this even or rather especially in bed. Do not try to play the card of authority, it will not bring you anything good.

  1. Imposing your tastes

Nobody likes being forced to do what they do not like, the same thing applies to your wife. Take into account his  pleasure  in your vision of intimacy. Never force her to do anything that repels or disturbs her. 

  1. Never talk about it

Women like you to talk to them about everything that excites you every time you share the bed with them, do not hesitate to express yourself on this subject. It will only bring you closer and give you new ideas.


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