10 things women do during love and men hate

The missteps during love are not rare. Indeed, many couples settle into a routine that rubs off on their sexual fulfillment without even knowing it. When it comes to those crippling things that happen in intimate moments, Tracey Cox, a journalist and author of many bestsellers about sexuality, tells our Dailymail colleagues that there are 10 things women do in bed and that men hate!

Men tend to consider many factors in moments shared with their dear and tender. Yet, women seem to escape this challenge. Often, they associate  the male orgasm  to a moment of successful intimacy, without thinking of these little details that horrify their partner. According to Tracey Cox, here are the many women’s actions that have the gift of annoying their spouse:

1. Ask him to watch an erotic film … then blame him for his reaction!

In order to spice up their sex life, many women propose to their partner to watch an erotic film. The only problem is that the latter end up associating their partner’s interest in an activity that they have themselves proposed to a lack of attention during this intimate moment, which will not fail to irritate their partner. spouse.

2. Make too much noise when you’re not alone

Although sensual moans can ignite your partner, they can easily push him to question your real excitement when they become too exaggerated. On the other hand, screaming too loudly can easily get in the way, especially if other people are able to hear you.

3. Show you passive during the act

Often known as “the starfish”, this position of lying on the bed and letting the man do all the work is a real killer-love for him. Indeed, show him that your mere presence is enough to attract him, quite the contrary.

4. Go to the bathroom just before you love and do not wash yourself

Lack of hygiene is not just a problem for your partner; it is a crippling element. Indeed, a woman who goes to the bathroom without washing before going to the sexual act can be sure that her spouse will be cold.

5. Fucking your nails in his back

Fucking your nails in his back may seem sexy and passionate, but know that all you can do through this gesture is to hurt him! Indeed, this act that we often see in movies to symbolize the passion of a relationship is far from leading to the same result in real life.

6. Being too aware of your body and your faults

The more you hide, the more frustration your partner creates. Remember that a man who loves you accepts all these faults that bother you and that most of the time, he does not even see them. If he tells you that he finds you beautiful, accept his compliment and relax!

7. Stay stuck on the position of the missionary

Comfortable, cozy and satisfying, the position of the  missionary  is the number one mark of the routine that sets in. If you want your spouse not to be bored, vary the pleasures and let yourself be tempted by new positions!

8. Dictate times when he can reach orgasm

It would be very presumptuous to think that one person is capable of controlling the body of another. However, when it comes to  sex , women sometimes find themselves rushing or, on the contrary, pausing their partners according to their desires. This can cause a blockage in the man and add a feeling of anxiety at a time that wants to be carnal and liberating.

9. You only pamper on outings

It’s not enough to just get ready for outings or special events. For the man, everything goes by the look and see his wife in jogging 7 days out of 7 is not the best way to excite him. Indeed, it is important for him to see that his companion makes sartorial efforts; it is the proof that she seeks to please him.

10. Return the image you give it a favor by making love

All sexual intercourse should be a pleasant experience for both people involved. Indeed, this amorous act is mutual and is not based on a favor that the woman gives to the man. Feelings must go both ways, at the risk of destroying trust and love within the couple.   


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