10 miracle tips to lose weight without any diet or effort

Losing weight is never an easy task, it requires great will and endurance. But if you are not ready to invest yourself body and soul in a diet, there are tips that you can apply daily and that will have a significant impact on your silhouette and your extra pounds.

lose weight

Sustainably losing weight is the result of healthy efforts and healthy habits every day. You will be presented with a list of ten easy-to-apply tips that will not clutter your daily routine. What make your slimming project a real pleasure.

Walk as much as you can

Walk as much as you can

Losing weight while walking may seem like untruthful information. Yet the   effect is to activate the metabolism by pushing it to burn calories and convert carbohydrates and fats into energy. It also allows better  oxygenation  which promotes the inner calm. It also alleviates negative feelings and mental ruminations while promoting an internal monologue, a self-paced discourse that is conducive to enlightening ideas and making decisions. For an optimal effect, it is advisable to walk between 30 and 40 minutes, 5 times a week. You can walk to the subway station, go shopping or have a session in the evening after work.

Choosing the right foods

Choosing the right foods

The supermarket shelves are full of products that meet the same needs, giving you a big advantage: the choice. Each food has nutritional characteristics, hence the interest of deciphering the  labels.  The materials  fat  are mentioned as fat. You will also have a mention for saturated fatty acids, and therefore prefer products that contain as little as possible. Sugars are indicated as carbohydrates with a mention of sugars, choose those that contain the least.

Make sure you sleep well

Make sure you sleep well

In the design of most of us, losing weight while  sleeping  would be a utopian reality when it is possible, except that there are some basic rules to follow. For starters, avoid delaying evening meals. During the  deep sleep phase  , our body releases a growth hormone, so if you eat late, foods still in the digestive tract are stored as fat. You should also avoid alcohol before sleeping because it does not allow you to reach the deep sleep phase.

It is also important to sleep in a perfectly dark place and limit the exposure to the blue lights of the screens to promote the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that helps sleep better and burn fat.

Have fun cooking

Have fun cooking

One of the issues that puts a strain on our desire to lose  weight is the boredom of prepared meals. To avoid this monotony, indulge yourself by browsing tasty and healthy recipes on the internet and try to reproduce them. This will allow you to discover new trends while varying the composition of your plate.

Do not forget to hydrate yourself

Drinking water  helps you avoid snacking because it has an appetite suppressant effect, in addition to helping the body burn calories. Water has the ability to help the kidneys eliminate toxins accumulated within the body, so a body lack of hydration is more prone to fluid retention that promotes digestion problems.

Focus on low energy density foods

The  energy density  is the number of calories in food per 100g serving. Low energy density foods are low-calorie foods that promote satiety thanks to their volume and their water and fiber content. A low energy density is designated by a  value  between 0.6 and 1.5 Kcal / g. For this, you can use an application to help you better choose your food.

Avoid the distraction

One  study  found that you eat more food when you’re distracted, which is more calories than the level the body really needs and therefore weight gain. Try to eat in a quiet place away from TV or noise.

Try chrononutrition

The  chrononutrition  is a concept that must consume the right foods at the right time. Meals at fixed times with an interval of 4 hours at least to avoid fat storage. The breakfast must be rich to help the body start well the day, the lunch must be based on fibers and starchy foods without forgetting the snack which makes it possible to avoid the nibbles. Dinner should be light with vegetables and lean meat.

Manage your emotions

The  emotions  negative have the effect of pushing you to consume fatty and sugary foods cause more fat storage.

Eat slowly

A   BMJ Open study has shown that people who eat slowly have lower body mass.

source : santeplusmag


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