10 easy ways to lose weight in 2 weeks after science

Before starting a diet, it is essential to understand that starving or depriving yourself is not a prerequisite for losing weight. However, what can make the difference relies heavily on certain habits that hinder or the opposite, facilitate your slimming goal. Stress, sleep, junk food, do not look far to identify these vices insidiously insinuate into your daily life to annihilate your efforts. Fortunately, there are many tips to fix it. In this article, we review 10 ways to lose weight simply.

easy ways to lose weight

Achieving a  lasting and satisfying weight loss  is a fight against which many of us have already suffered a stinging defeat. Indeed, eliminating unnecessary pounds is not easy, especially when you have trouble mastering the founding principles of a healthy lifestyle. To help you, here are point by point some habits that you can adopt to encourage your efforts:

1. Wake up earlier

A  morning  alarm clock suggests that you will have enough time to enjoy your breakfast. By giving your body fuel, you have more luck (and time) to practice a sports activity that will recharge your energy for the rest of the day. In addition, it will allow you to  sleep  at a reasonable time and therefore avoid weight gain very often associated with lack of sleep.

2. Brush your teeth more often

From a psychological point of view, brushing one’s teeth sends a clear signal to the brain that the meal is over and it’s time to stop eating. As explained by Marie Claire magazine  , this tip allows you to limit calories and to avoid sweet cravings thanks to the minty taste of toothpaste.

3. laugh more often

Beyond its therapeutic virtues, laughter would be, according to the neuroscientist  Dr. Helen Pilcher , a great way to burn some calories in joy and good mood! Dr. Maciej Buchowski confirms this idea in a  study  published by the journal  Obesity  ; laughter would allow you to spend 10 to 20% more energy, or 10 to 40 calories for 10 to 15 minutes of laughter during the day.

4. Drink more water

Far from being a myth, this idea was applied in a  study  of overweight women who drank 500 ml of water before each meal. At the end of the experiment, the researchers would have observed a reduction of all their variables, namely the total weight, the body mass, the rate of fat in the body and the degree  of appetite.

5. Eat less but more often

Author  Anne-Marie Adine  explains to Glamor magazine   that nutrition depends mainly on the choice of meals. Thus, healthy foods can easily be broken down throughout the day to bring a feeling of permanent satiety. On the other hand, any consumption of fatty or sugary foods will then become nibbling.

6. Stay away from blue light

It is important to know that for a restful sleep, it is essential to move away from the  blue light  of your screens. By disturbing your night’s rest, it gives birth to a feeling of  hunger  that adds to the fatigue of the next day.

7. Stop counting your calories

According to nutritionist  Dr. Lily Nichols , counting calories is an error that makes us deviate from the ultimate goal of losing weight. By focusing all our energy on calculations and not enough on our plates, we tend to focus on bad foods such as chocolate and forget about seemingly more caloric meals but also healthier and easier to digest.

8. Avoid sleeping during the day

The more you sleep during the day, the more you disturb your nocturnal sleep and therefore take the risk of increasing your chances of being overweight. As Dr. Olivier Coste explains   to  Madame Figaro , a good night’s sleep promotes the consumption of  healthy foods while sugar and fat are more attractive in case of fatigue. 

9. Do you allow a day of deviations a week

easy ways to lose weight in 2 weeks after science

To compensate for the  restrictions  of the week, integrating a day of deviations into your diet is sometimes sensible and can limit your greedy desires. By allowing your body to indulge for a day, you give a boost to the weight loss process, increasing your level of motivation for the days to come.

10. Avoid stress

Anxiety is a well known trigger for weight gain. As Dr. Elissa Epel explains  , stress often generates a feeling of hunger that almost never leads us to healthy foods. On the contrary, we want to eat sweet, salty and caloric to feel pleasure and soothe the anxieties felt.

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